Greensky Credit creates new business model for lending

GreenSky Credit has been operating since 2006. It was in that year that David Zalik, a child prodigy and serial entrepreneur, had an idea that would potentially allow merchants to increase their sales on big-ticket items by billions of dollars each year. Zalik knew from operating a previous e-consulting business that merchants like Home Depot, Benjamin Moore and other sellers of high-end home remodeling, furniture and other items often lost sales due to the simple fact that customers were not competent at assessing the likely price tag on jobs they wanted to do.

The solution Zalik came up with was to facilitate true instant loans at the point of sale. But unlike other forms of retail financing, like in-store financing or installment plans, the loans that Zalik envisioned would be able to be approved at the job site or on a sales call. With this idea in mind, he founded GreenSky Credit in 2006. The model quickly proved itself.

Unlike other fintech startups, GreenSky Credit does not keep any loans on its books. In fact, it doesn’t even really originate loans. The only thing that GreenSky Credit does is line up customers with its partner banks. This incredibly simple model might be easy to write off as being trivial, being an already saturated market or not having a large enough total available market. But Zalik’s genius lay in seeing the huge potential that still existed for high-end loans on niche retail products for customers with excellent credit.

The majority of GreenSky Credit’s customers have excellent FICO scores, usually above 700. This means that the risks that banks incur on these loans tends to be minimal. It also means that from the customer’s perspective, GreenSky can make highly enticing loan offers. Usually, the loan offer that the merchant makes to the customer through the GreenSky interface involved no money down, no payments for a year and zero interest for an introductory period. Zalik says that the vast majority of customers pay back their loans in full before the higher rates and payments kick in.

All told, GreenSky is currently valued at more than $4.5 billion and is murmurring about a possible IPO.

Eric Lefkofsky is Changing How We Treat Cancer

The “C” word (cancer) is one we all dread hearing, whether it be ourselves being diagnosed or a loved one. When people get diagnosed with cancer, the answer is usually fairly standardized. Chemotherapy and radiation are the go-to treatments. Eric Lefkofsky is determined to make a more individualized treatment that is more effective. Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder and the CEO of Tempus Labs.

Tempus Labs is based in Chicago and was founded in 2015. Tempus Labs is utilizing technology to streamline patient information through digitization and consolidation. They also want to add patient’s molecular data, such as DNA and RNA sequencing, to the files. Each patient’s treatments and response to the treatments is included in these files. In doing this, they hope to find common threads which will help to better inform Doctor’s decisions when it comes to patient care. Doctor’s will be able to find patients with similar molecular data and make better medical decisions for them.

Tempus Labs has been named as one of Chicago’s top ten health technology companies. They have already partnered with almost every National Cancer Institute cancer center, as well as sever other academic institutions and healthcare organizations. Their partners send patients to them for genomic sequencing/ Tempus Labs then creates a personalized report for the patient and sends it back to their doctor. Doctor’s also have access to Tempus Labs operating system.

While Tempus Labs is doing groundbreaking work, Eric Lefkofsky is better known as the founder of Groupon. He has already donated millions to cancer research through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. He has donated to Stanford University, the University of Michigan, Cornell, and more, all to fund further cancer research. Now Lefkofsky is doing even more to help us get to a cure for cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky was raised in Southfield, Michigan as part of a Jewish family. His dad was an engineer, and his mother was a teacher. Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan and graduated in 1991 with honors. He then attended the University of Michigan Law School where he received his Juris Doctor.

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Next To The Bank You Had

You might have noticed the differences in banks if you’ve been driving around Texas lately. NexBank is a service provider who’s moving in, in a drastic way. This banking agency is a local provider that specializes with the wealth and financial stability of Texans. It means a lot to service one locality, and Dallas, Texas is a great place for a bank to emerge within.

The one sure-thing of the banking industry in Texas is that it’s being redefined. NexBank brings together a staff that incorporates all of the major financial skills we know of. Combining the world’s greatest financial practitioners is about leveraging a greater financial perspective. This perspective allows NexBank to give you impeccable service that you only find on Wall Street.

The Foundation Of A Secure Account

Each account with NextBank is supported by the agency’s standing ties in the financial world. The network of NexBank is founded on the same group of professionals who lead the Highland Capital Management firm. Highland Capital expands it operation as an international investment banker who leads clients into the best investment options of modern times.

The same agency that made its name among the highest on Wall Street has turned toward the Dallas, Texas potential and opened up a substantial opportunity for you and your bank account. The banking services we leverage in today’s society are based on digital access, clarity with fees and advanced options to explore accounts with greater features.

Where Safety Does Make A Difference

Safety is the final component we find with the entry service of NexBank. The agency leverages more than a simple account for you to make withdraws out of. The financial legacy that you can live is only a byproduct of putting into place the right management. NexBank takes its professionals from the investment world and offers you fundamental services.

The major component that allows NexBank to makes these strides as an emerging bank is safety. The agency opens it doors as a relatively new option for the Dallas, Texas people. This pioneering opportunity is grounded on safety. You don’t have to take chances with this banker. The agency is secure in its processes and transparent in all of its solutions.

Financial Services that are Custom-made for Clients

NexBank recently announced its donation of a hundred thousand dollars in support of the advancement of women leadership and economic security. This money came as a result of NexBank sponsoring the 32nd Annual Luncheon of the Women’s Foundation in Dallas. DR. Hope Jahren, a very influential scientist and author, would be part of this luncheon that was set to take place at the Dallas based Hilton Anatole Hotel.

More than ten thousand students in North Texas would be able to hear the keynote speech as it was streamed live in their schools. This luncheon that is organized by the Dallas Women Foundation hosts a variety of people, leader, and businesses as they work towards advocating for the economic and social growth of the girls and women in the society.

NexBank has a charter that dates back over 9 decades ago and has assets worth 7.6 billion dollars. It is a regional bank that deals with institutional, mortgage and commercial banking services. They have a huge client base which includes individuals, corporations and financial institutions across the nation.

NexBank focuses on meeting their clients at their point of financial needs through tailor-making products that suit their interests. They are a result oriented financial institution with the goal of providing solutions to their clients diligently. NexBank understands the fact that not all clients are the same. This has led them to provide client-oriented products instead of similar products for all their customers.

The bankers at NexBank use their skills and expertise to offer strategies to their clients on management of cash by first analyzing their financial positions and goals. Their clients rely on them to provide them with long-term strategies to gain and grow their wealth. The solutions and strategies offered to clients are customized in terms of deposits and management to make sure that every client has their banking needs attended to. Whether it is growth, safeguarding or managing your wealth, NexBank will offer their expertise.

Clients are usually very diverse. Some prefer traditional investments while others prefer modern ones. Depending on what is needed by the client, NexBank offers their diverse options that range from mortgages and institutional services to investment and commercial banking.