Richard Liu Qiangdon opens up about his business in an inspiring interview

Richard Liu, a Chinese internet entrepreneur, has an incredible success story that entrepreneurs in China and around the world would love to emulate. The 41-year-old entrepreneur started his journey in the business world while still in school. Richard is the founder, CEO, and chairman of JD.Com, which is the largest online retailer in China. JD.Com is a company that Richard built from scratch, and it is now successful in different areas.

Richard’s journey to entrepreneurship

Richard Liu launched JD.Com in 2004, but his journey in entrepreneurship began in 1998. During a recent interview during the annual meeting of the future global councils, Richard revealed that he came with the name of his company by combining her girlfriend’s last name and his first name. And that is how was born.

Richard Liu was born into a family of entrepreneurs. His parents owned a small company where Richard worked for a few years before enrolling to college in Beijing. Richard Liu developed an interest in politics at a young age. In fact, he never thought that he would eventually venture and succeed in entrepreneurship. He took sociology classes in the People’s University of China, a course that was in line with his dreams of becoming a politician.

However, Richard realized that a degree alone could not guarantee success. Liu also realized that he had a lot of spare time that he could use for something important. Richard decided to utilize his spare time learning computer programming. Richard graduated from the university in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

Richard Liu’s first business venture failed terribly

After he learned to programme, Richard started working as a programmer, which helped him to save and pay his bills. He then decided to start a restaurant venture with the money he had saved, and loans advanced to him by his family. The restaurant business collapsed within a few months and left Liu in huge debt.

When he graduated, Richard Liu Qiangdong started working for Japan Life, a health product company. At Japan Life, Liu served as the director for computers, logistics supervisor and the director for business. Two years later, Liu Qiangdong decided to try his hand in business again, but now in the technology sector.

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Paul Mampilly: Founder Of Profits Unlimited Newsletter Shares

His Wall Street Investment Expertise With Private Investors
Founder of Profits Unlimited, a financial newsletter put out by Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly is making his Wall Street financial expertise available to smaller private investors.

A Wall Street veteran, Paul Mampilly has built a name for himself at prestigious firms such as Banker’s Trust, Deutsche Bank and ING.

After recruiting Mampilly in 2006, Kinetics Asset Management’s hedge fund assets portfolio grew from $6 billion to $25 billion. This caught the attention of Barron’s investment magazine, which named it one of the “World’s Best” hedge funds, citing its 26 percent average return during that period.

In the 2008-2009 period of high uncertainty in the financial markets, at a time when even seasoned investors and the largest firms were reporting considerable losses, Mampilly managed to generate $88 million from a $50 million seed amount in a competition arranged by the Temple Foundation.

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These days, recently-retired Paul Mampilly focuses on bringing his investment knowledge to a larger audience, helping everyday people learn how to make money with their investments. Profits Unlimited affords Mampilly the opportunity to share his knowledge with private individual investors. His methodology of making the investment information accessible to this group involves providing plenty of data and visual aids.

However, knowing that beginning and smaller investors don’t have anywhere near his level of expertise, Mampilly takes a step back and tries to imagine what would be most beneficial to him if he were in their position. This approach assists with bringing his investment ideas to life for his newsletter’s audience.

In discussing his method for picking winners, Mampilly shares that for a stock to meet his approval for recommendation requires that he devote 30 – 40 hours of research time, followed up with another 20 – 30 hours to write it up.

Paul Mampilly’s other projects include the Extreme Fortunes newsletter and his research service, True Momentum.

About Paul Mampilly

Founder of Capuchin Consulting, which provides unique investment ideas to professional investors, Paul Mampilly has 15 years of financial management experience on Wall Street.

Mampilly earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from Montclair State University and his MBA with an emphasis in finance from Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

Today Paul Mampilly focuses his efforts on assisting smaller private investors reach their financial objectives, through his Profits Unlimited newsletter.