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College football season is in its starting stages. It means that many people are looking to the bet sites for winnings. While there are people that often go and win, many people bet and lose. There are several places you can bet on offline platforms. However, betting is mostly done online. Even though no one can predict the outcome of a game with complete certainty, an educated guess is undoubtedly going to improve your odds of winning. Even though some teams have been known to perform better, NCAAF odds can change depending on the season. Fortunately, there are many places where one can check for odds online.

There are multiple betting lines available at the betting informational website known as It is a site which provides information on betting odds and totals. It also offers teasers on games and the halftimes win. College football is not popular like the NFL, but it has gained enormous popularity than any other betting platform. The reason for this is that every NCAAF player usually features in NFL Draft Picks. A bettor that is involved in NFL betting should not find any difficulty with betting at NCAAF. College football matches often occur during weekends. This means that there are tons of games where one can place their bet.

The number of profits one can get with betting makes it a worthwhile investment. Renowned experts in betting know that betting is a volatile investment option. An investment expert will advise you to gather enough information about placing a bet. It is better to place a better this way than to rely on external resources. For NCAAF bettors, it is usually advisable to shop at different lines before placing a bet. Betting this way will ensure one gets maximum profits.

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Betting Wolverine And Fighting Illini Game

One of the biggest Big 10 games in college football this week is the Michigan and Illinois game. One team is a powerhouse this season, while the other is…not so good. How should you bet on this game? Covers has you covered and offers the following tips.

A Look At The Teams
The resurgence of the No. 3 Michigan Wolverines under Jim Harbaugh has been a thing of beauty. After their lackluster play during the Brady Hoke era, they came out strong in 2015-16 to become a competitive and difficult-to-beat team.

In 2016, they are currently 6-0 and posting wins like their 78-0 devastation of Rutgers. The Wolverines currently possess the best defense in college football and have used it to let their offense take control early and often.

Do the Fighting Illini have much of a chance against such a powerful team? The Illini have had a tough couple of years, and have gone 3-10 since picking up their last pair of consecutive SU wins.

However, they are currently 4-2 on the road and put up a nice 24-7 win against Rutgers last week. That said, Michigan has won 9-out-of-11 of the last showcases against the Illini, so the chance of winning for this team looks rather bleak.

Covering The Spread

However, if you’re not a fan of either team, you probably don’t care which team wins as long as you cover the spread. Currently, a 35.3-7.8 Michigan victory is predicted for a 28 point spread.

That said, many of Michigan’s heaviest wins have been against weak teams (like Hawaii), indicating their their point total may be a little artificially inflated. While they shouldn’t have a hard time covering that spread, stranger things have happened.

After all, Michigan’s record of beating the spread when favored by double-digits is a little weak lately. Over the last nine games, they are a rather average 5-4 in that statistic. This should make any bettor a little nervous, though it’s fair to say that Michigan’s momentum and defensive acumen should give them the edge.

How To Bet
Betting on Michigan is likely an obvious win-win here, as long as you’re willing to make a small payout on the football odds you have chosen. That said, it’s not a bad idea to bet that the Illini will beat the point spread.

This is a higher-risk bet, meaning you’ll make more if it pays out. Try betting a point spread under 20. If the Fighting Illini overachieve and score a few more times than predicted, you have a good chance of winning.

However you decide to bet, make sure you focus on having fun and understanding the nature of betting. Winning is tough, and usually requires a little monetary investment. Please check out Covers to learn more about this game and other NCAAF games. We can help you get the greatest sport betting advice on the Internet.