Jeunesse Global continues hitting the market with popular products

While Jeunesse Global is not exactly a household name, you still may have heard of it before. That’s because the company is the single fastest-growing health and beauty firm on the planet today. Founded in 2009 by a retired Florida couple, the astonishing rise of the company from complete obscurity to one of the largest direct marketers of niche health and beauty products on the planet has been one of the most jaw-dropping success stories of the last decade.

Jeunesse Global was founded by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. First operating out of the couple’s sprawling Florida mansion, the company enjoyed the advantages of being run by two of the most skilled and experienced entrepreneurs in the industry. Their prior experience allowed Ray and Lewis to quickly build a competitive business, avoiding many of the pitfalls that so often consume the efforts of lesser entrepreneurs.

Lewis was able to leverage her extensive contacts in the industry, hiring the top research and development scientists to create products that addressed niche gaps in the market. The result has been nothing short of stunning as Jeunesse has developed its comprehensive YES package and confirmed that an independent startup can go from zero to billion-dollar company, simply by successfully answering niche needs in the marketplace.

One of the company’s most revolutionary products is its Zen 8 Project, including the Zen Bodi weight-loss supplement. Unlike many faddish weight loss programs, the Zen 8 Project makes no spectacular claims and it doesn’t rely on the use of terribly restrictive or imbalanced diets. Instead, the Zen 8 Project and Zen Bodi supplement teach the user to live a health-centric lifestyle.

The Zen 8 Project name gives some indication of this philosophical approach not only to weight loss but also to overall mental and physical health in general. The program teaches scientifically proven methods of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the development of habits. The Zen Bodi supplement is a proven fat-burning agent that can increase the body’s metabolism of fatty tissue while also lessening the recovery times after workouts. But the Zen 8 Project’s real secret is that it harnesses the most powerful weight-loss tool in existence: the user’s mind.

Help Your Dry Skin With EOS Lip Balm Brands

Do You Suffer From Unusually Dry Skin

If you’re anything like me, you have the unfortunate fate of not being able to use most products on your skin because it will create minor skin irritation and unsightly rashes. I searched high and low for a product that would fortify my skin with protection and give me skin. I was done with the thick coating that came with Chapstick and had a demand for organic skin care products. I was soon introduced to the EOS lip balm brand and have never turned back. Today, I have amazingly softer lips with reasonably priced products. You may also check to read more related stories.


The Two Most Popular Brands

I went online and did a search on EOS lip balm brands and ran across the exclusive Evolution of Smooth line with more than lip balm products. Their website contains lotions and shaving cream with the same vitamins and essential amino acids that are known to protect your skin. Plus, they had very cute blends with aromatherapy fragrances to choose from including their popular Lemon Drop blend. First-time customers can take part in promotional offers listed directly on their website and you can find their products at select participating retailers, read here.

Become a part of the EOS lip balm family today and enrich your skin.

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