Sussex Healthcare Looks to a Bright Future of Care

The hallmark of a successful medical care facility is determined not by the availability of current technology, but the love it receives from the staff and patients alike. Sussex Healthcare is group of buildings in the England region that combines hospitality with medical services in a blend that is unlike any other facility. They specialize in treating patients with mental disorders, or elderly individuals who need long-term care solutions. The company was founded in 1985, and has recently entered in its 25th anniversary celebration. A recent article with Medical Daily Times reflects back on the origin of the company and where its future is heading.

The birth of Sussex Healthcare stems back to the shared vision of its co-founders. This pair of individuals who had completely different skill sets, but believed the combination of their ideals could create a medical facility unlike any other. The first individual is Shiraz Boghani, with over two decades working in the hotel business. He learned what an individual seeks in a home like environment, and how to meet client expectations with their living assignments. While Shafik Sachedina bring his medical knowledge to the table. He has all credentials and certifications of a doctor, and brings that experience to the care of each patient who they treat. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at

In order to combat the ever changing medical care market, Sussex Healthcare is always looking for new innovations in its approach with patients. They hired Amanda Morgan-Taylor as CEO of the company. She is a young individual with a nursing background. Her fresh medical approach will aid in updating their practices and how they administrator medicine to their clients. In addition, the company has a wide variety of voices on its bored. They pride themselves on considering all view points before making any major company decision. All combined, this approach has given the company a positive reception from clients.

Sussex Healthcare is a company that has everything it needs to sustain a successful business model, but they still refuse to sit on their hands. They know a moment of rest could be the different in a client’s experience.

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InnovaCare Health and Peneolope Kokkinides Seek to Improve Payment Models in Healthcare

InnovaCare Health was recently featured on the Business Wire website in an article titled “InnovaCare Joins HHS Initiative to Reform Payment Models.” The article reveals how InnovaCare is beginning to change the payment methods. The company is a leading Medicare and Medicaid organization that is focused on helping the U.S. healthcare system update its payment models. They want to ensure that the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network is working towards a model that is based on quality instead of quantity.


InnovaCare is a part of the LAN network and is considered to be a Committed Partner. They support LAN’s desire to support payment reform in the healthcare industry by accelerating the movement towards alternative payment models. The company reveals that 50% of the U.S. healthcare payments will change to alternative payment methods by the end of 2018. InnovaCare is using quantitative data to better categorize the different kinds of payments in the APM framework. You can visit LinkedIn.


LAN was created in 2015 to create a better alignment with approaches to payment in the U.S. healthcare system, particularly for the public and private sectors. They wanted to help the health care system have a higher quality of treatment rather than just focusing on quantity. The Committed Partners are some of the leading companies around the globe and all of them are driven to find a payment model that works for the organizations and the people.


Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare reveals that working with the Committed Partners will ensure that the milestones are reached throughout the healthcare industry. It is the kind of collaboration that the market needs in this modern age.

InnovaCare, Inc. is one of the top health plans in Puerto Rico. They have more than 200,000 members and a network of more than 7,500 providers. The company also works with the two Medicare programs within the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico. InnovaCare also provides one of the only NCQA-accredited health plans on the island. They are focused on ensuring quality healthcare through a more sustainable model of managed care. This care is meant to be cost-effective while still remaining up to date with the latest technologies. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Penelope Kokkinnides became the Chief Administrative Officer after spending a twenty-years working in the healthcare industry. She has worked specifically with government programs like Medicaid and Medicare in the past while helping to manage the industry. She has a deep knowledge of clinical programs and the processes within the healthcare industry.



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A Look At Some Of The Care Homes Under The Sussex Healthcare Network

Sussex Healthcare is considered one of the top care home networks in Sussex, England. Thanks to Sussex Healthcare unique care philosophy and exceptional customer service over the years, Sussex Healthcare now operates over 10 facilities throughout Sussex. Here is a look at some of the homes in the Sussex Healthcare network.


Horncastle House


Horncastle House is located near East Grinstead. The setting includes lots of gardens and fountains. There are gorgeous views of South Downs. There are over 20 living spaces at Horncastle House. Private suites are available. The rooms have been amended to assist people who are handicapped. The Horncastle House specializes in assisting the elderly. The staff also helps people who are dealing with multiple learning disabilities. Horncastle House provides residents with multiple activities to help support each resident’s cognitive health.


Sycamore Lodge


The Sycamore Lodge is a small building that hosts people with neurological conditions such as autism and Huntington’s disease. The lodge has a dining facility and game room. There are multiple physical activity programs in place to help residents.


Clemsfold House


Clemsfold House is in West Sussex. Shared and private rooms are available. Clemsfold House treats elderly residents. Residents can walk around and enjoy the scenery by the lake. The staff is available to assist at all times. Residents can interact in multiple activities in order to stay physically fit while also improving their cognitive functions.


Beechcroft Care Centre


The Beechcroft Care Centre is in East Grinstead. Beechcroft primarily assists young adults who are dealing with learning disabilities and limited physical mobility. Beechcroft provides residents with fun activities, including swimming and games. Private transportation is also available. There are five multi-purpose rooms at the Centre.


Wisteria Lodge


Wisteria Lodge is in the Nutley area of North Uckfield in East Sussex. Wisteria Lodge has over 20 private rooms, each with its own bathroom. Residents can participate in special programs and physiotherapy. The staff will assist those who have physical disabilities.

Greensky Credit creates new business model for lending

GreenSky Credit has been operating since 2006. It was in that year that David Zalik, a child prodigy and serial entrepreneur, had an idea that would potentially allow merchants to increase their sales on big-ticket items by billions of dollars each year. Zalik knew from operating a previous e-consulting business that merchants like Home Depot, Benjamin Moore and other sellers of high-end home remodeling, furniture and other items often lost sales due to the simple fact that customers were not competent at assessing the likely price tag on jobs they wanted to do.

The solution Zalik came up with was to facilitate true instant loans at the point of sale. But unlike other forms of retail financing, like in-store financing or installment plans, the loans that Zalik envisioned would be able to be approved at the job site or on a sales call. With this idea in mind, he founded GreenSky Credit in 2006. The model quickly proved itself.

Unlike other fintech startups, GreenSky Credit does not keep any loans on its books. In fact, it doesn’t even really originate loans. The only thing that GreenSky Credit does is line up customers with its partner banks. This incredibly simple model might be easy to write off as being trivial, being an already saturated market or not having a large enough total available market. But Zalik’s genius lay in seeing the huge potential that still existed for high-end loans on niche retail products for customers with excellent credit.

The majority of GreenSky Credit’s customers have excellent FICO scores, usually above 700. This means that the risks that banks incur on these loans tends to be minimal. It also means that from the customer’s perspective, GreenSky can make highly enticing loan offers. Usually, the loan offer that the merchant makes to the customer through the GreenSky interface involved no money down, no payments for a year and zero interest for an introductory period. Zalik says that the vast majority of customers pay back their loans in full before the higher rates and payments kick in.

All told, GreenSky is currently valued at more than $4.5 billion and is murmurring about a possible IPO.

Why everyone is signing up with Sussex Healthcare

Our health is our greatest asset. This is because there is nothing we can do without good health. However, despite the effort that we put we end up sick at some point. When this happens, we need a place where we can be taken care of and still feel at home. This helps in restoring health quickly. It also strengthens the stability of our body system. Sussex healthcare organization is the place to be in such moments.

The staff of Sussex healthcare is very welcoming. From the moment you walk in the Sussex healthcare, you become the responsibility of the team. They are there to serve you and ensure that your health is in check. This is spiritual, emotionally and spiritually.

They serve very many purposes. For instance, they take care of the old. This is because as much as we may be willing to take care of our elderly relatives, it may not be possible. This is with the many numbers of jobs that we may need to take for survival. For this reason, we may need to take them to healthcare facilities. Here they can receive attention all day. Their health progress is monitored to ensure that they receive early treatment. This is because their systems may not as tough as before.

At Sussex healthcare, the old people are well catered for to keep them happy and healthy. They understand that for a fulfilling life, one needs to be all rounded. This is why they give their patients a very healthy diet. They cook their meals, using fresh traditional products. This is to avoid the complications that come along with manufactured products.

Sussex healthcare also takes care of patients with complicated health conditions and diseases. They provide personalized services for patients with brain traumas, neurological conditions, and individuals with learning disabilities.

Sussex health care has the specialized equipment needed to treat their patients. Their staff is also highly qualified. Their patients are their priority. They are concerned with factors that make the patients happy.

Sussex healthcare encourages their patients to participate in their hobbies. This is to ensure their health are all around. This eases their stress and makes healing process.

Final Verdict

Despite us being careful to maintain our bodies healthy, at one point we may fall sick. It is only possible to heal in an environment that is conducive to the healing process.

Sussex health care makes you feel like you are receiving treatment from the comfort of your own home.

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Types of Vital Lifeline Screening services

Since it was founded in 1993 in Florida, Lifeline has become a household name in providing preventative healthcare and wellness services. Based in Austin, TX, the company offers affordable ultrasound EKG screenings. Lifeline screening uses state-of-the-art screening equipment to guarantee convenient lab-accurate results.

Types of preventative healthcare screenings:

Ultrasound screenings

Ultrasound uses sound waves to image various structures in the body. During the ultrasound screening procedure, the sound waves are directed to the area of concern, and the consequent echoes are recorded.

Since the technology was improvised during World War II to detect submerged objects, it has been pivotal in the medical field, especially in the specialties of obstetrics ophthalmology. Ultrasound has been used in pregnancy tests because it’s a non-invasive and painless procedure. It’s used for various screenings such as abdominal aortic aneurysm, Ankle-brachial index and Carotid artery disease among others.

Limited electrocardiograph

Lifeline screening conducts an EKG to detect an irregular heartbeat condition called atrial fibrillation. This is a common heart condition that is associated with increasing the risk of stroke. The EKG electrode screening procedure is very non-invasive that patients don’t have to remove their clothes to learn more: click here.

Finger-stick blood screenings

This is a screening used for identifying critical risk factors of chronical diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes. The procedure is very simple because it involves the pricking of the soft pad of the finger to draw a few drops of blood. The equipment used in procedure are approved by FDA and are common in most pharmaceuticals, insurance companies and hospitals. The results are lab-accurate and are provided within a duration of about 10 minutes. Lifeline screenings include Complete lipid panel, High-sensitivity C-reactive protein, Elevated liver enzymes and Glucose screening.

Many of the conditions handled by Lifeline screening have no symptoms. They are health concerns that can be prevented before the symptoms start manifesting through supervised healthcare screenings conducted by professional medical personnel. The aim of preventative healthcare screenings is to detect the risks that predispose an individual to a certain disease or health condition and prevent it before it happens.

The Top Leadership at InnovaCare, Inc

Dr Richard Shinto works with InnovaCare, Inc where he serves as the current President as well as the Chief Executive Officer. Until Aveta Inc was sold in 2012, Richard worked there as the Chief Executive Officer and President. He also served as a member of the company’s management team. Richard Shinto also acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the Health Plans of InnovaCare in Puerto Rico. He has worked in the operational and clinical healthcare for more than 20 years and has therefore acquired massive skills and experience in the field of managed care. Before going to work at the Aveta Inc, Richard worked with NAMM California where he held the position of Chief Medical Officer.

Richard Shinto previously worked at the Medical Pathways Management Company where he was the Chief Medical Officer as well as the Chief Operating Officer. He also worked at the MedPartners where he held the position of Corporate Vice President of Medical management and worked for 2 years. Richard later went on to work at the Cal Optima Health Plan that is located in Orange County, California. While in this company, he held the position of Chief Medical Officer. The career path of Richard Shinto started when he became an internist and later a pulmonologist at Southern California. An established author, he has managed to write many different articles on the topic of clinical medicine and healthcare. He is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine where he acquired his BS. He also attended The State University of New York, Stony Brook where he earned his Medical Degree. Richard Shinto has led InnovaCare Health to achieve tremendous success and growth.

Penelope Kokkinides is also among the top leadership at InnovaCare, Inc. She holds the position of Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope previously served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer before she was appointed to her current position. Before joining InnovaCare, Inc, she worked with Aveta Inc where she held the position of Chief Operating Officer. Rick Shinto has worked in the sector of healthcare for approximately 20 years and has therefore acquired massive expertise and experience in the field. Her specialty is in government programs as well as managed health care.Penelope Kokkinides is a former employee at the Centerlight HealthCare where she worked as the Chief Operating Officer as well as the Executive Vice President. She has greatly contributed to the success and growth of InnovaCare Health. Penelope is committed to implementing the strategic plans of the company as well as developing the health model of the company.