Goettl Air Conditioning To The Rescue

Heating and air conditioning units are a staple in American households. You can purchase such units at a hefty price. With that said it is important to get a quality unit that will last long. There can be repairs along the way, due to age and weather conditions that the unit is in, so maintaining it is important. Finding a trusted heating and air conditioning company that has great customer service can be challenging.

There is an award winning heating and air conditioning company by the name of Goettl Air Conditioning, and they are merging with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. This merger will benefit the Las Vegas area because Goettl can serve the community better and they also will add more services to their arsenal. This includes plumbing. Goettl will also profit from this merger because they will acquire 20 more employees that are ready and willing to start. They believe it will positively benefits everyone involved.

The CEO of Goettl is known in his community for his good deeds and philanthropy. He created the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Endowment fund help underprivileged students and veterans to get them started on the right foot. This company awards them with scholarships so that they can attend heating and air conditioning classes.

From Mansfield, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona the Goettl brothers took a chance to seek better opportunities during the Great Depression. They lucked out and started their own family owned business called Goettl Air Conditioning. Adam, Bill, and John Goettl grew their business from the ground up to get international recognition for their innovative technology when it came to their heating and air conditioning units.

Flash forward to the present, grandsons Ted and Adam now run this longstanding family business. With pride and hard work they have expanded Goettl to multiple locations to better serve each community. They even won Arizona’s best heating and air conditioning company award.