Jason Hope an Entrepreneur, Futurist and Philanthropist

Jason Hope is known to be a skilled entrepreneur and futurist. He earned his reputation as a result of his passion and clear understanding of technology. Hope uses the knowledge he has on technology to watch the industry and make a prediction about how the future will be in terms of technological progress. Based on the present trends in technology, Jason has a belief that the power of (IoT) Internet of Things may be important in the future since most devices are turning to connected devices. This is one of the major predictions he has made about the future, using current information and trends on technology.

Insights and advice from Jason about technology are of great assistance to modern businesses. The advice is also useful for people who are looking for the best possible strategies to implement for the purpose of capitalizing on future technology. This fact gives a clear impression that his insights can be used by many people for planning processes. Hope is a native from Arizona Innate who grew up in Tempe, and during the time he received Finance degree from Arizona State University as well as his MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey Business School. The idea of his grant program is meant to help young minds with great ideas.

Hope takes in business ideas through Hope’ official website, and he picks the most interesting ideas from the list. Future of technology, according to him depends on the great ideas formed by young and aspiring entrepreneurs. He brings his idea to life through keeping things basic, and he does not over-complicate things. According to Jason over-complicating issues only leads to wastage of time and it encourages failure. He communicates his ideas to people who are close to him to get feedback, and he works on a project one step at a time.

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