Madison Street Capital’s Success in Merger and Acquisition

Madison Street Capital is a global investing banking firm with a known reputation for exemplary service in private equity, business valuation services, merger and acquisition expertise, venture capital services and corporate tax planning services. The firm commits itself to providing services integrated with excellence, integrity, and leadership to both public and privately owned businesses. The company’s focal aim is to ensure that clients successfully secure a position in the global market place.


Located in Chicago IL, Madison Street Capital advisors have been in operation for 12 years, amassing adequate experience to provide professional financial services. As a middle market investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital understands that every client is unique and requires careful analysis in addition to certain recommendations on the best buyers’ for appropriate financing. The firm works through providing their clientele with capitalization structures that are aimed at improving the client’s potential. The firm has a global-base network of offices based in Africa, Asia, and North America. Learn more:


In recent news, Madison Street Capital played a central role as a financial advisor to Sterling Packaging in Selkirk, Manitoba. The firm was successful in arranging for a growth equity investment for Sterling Packaging. Founded by Jim and Debbie Hickson, the packaging company is a leading manufacturer of folding cartons with shipping destinations worldwide.


The transaction was spearheaded by Madison Capital’s Senior Managing Director, Jay Rodgers. He complimented the packaging company on their efforts of securing a good client base and building a scale business.He also added that the firm’s clients would serve to benefit from the merger with Druid Capital Partners, an investing company that is funding the operation. Managing Partner with Druid Capital, Martin Holt expressed their excitement in partnering with the Hickson. Learn more:


Druid Capital Partners is an investment company that is solely focused on investing in private enterprises located in the Southeast. Founded in 2015, the company works with industrial, manufacturing and distribution companies.


Madison Street Capital reputation in providing expert advice in mergers and acquisitions played a vital role in ensuring the successful merger between Sterling Packaging and Druid Capital. The merge serves to benefit Sterling Packaging Company in expanding the company. Learn more:


For owners of a middle-market business, identifying the right financial advisor is not an easy task. The market is full of investors promising to deliver on excellent services. Madison Street Capital is committed to its clients through gaining a reputation as the leading provider of financial advisory and services in the middle market business sector. Learn more: