Chris Burch: A Real Estate Investor

When one has an idea of hosting a party in the great city of Hamptons, people go out to take cocktails, table scapes and definitely they eat awesome cuisine. The best parties must be organized by experts. Food must be prepared by the best chefs with a taste for good foods. Chris Burch, who is the founder of a company called Burch Creative Capital sometimes back was looking for the right person to cater for his summer parties. He went to a Panama hotel chef by name Andres Morataya’s grill. He thought it was the most perfect out join that he can hold with work mates and friends.   Related article on

Chef Morataya has a restaurant called Panga in Panama. They offer unique dining experiences that people say that they are beyond the plate. Morataya didn’t just wake up to open the joint. They struggled together with their wife to make their dream a reality. They also invested in uniqueness so that great people like Chris Burch would join them. They didn’t have enough capital for the project and thus financial constraints became an issue. He3 went to basics and decided to do something to his cooking. He decided to build his own grill by using driftwood and bricks. He is doing very well and is expected to take his expertise to Burch’s resort in Indonesia in a place called Nihi Sumba Island.  To read more about the resort, click on this.

Chris Burch was born in 1953 and is the founder and the chairman of Burch Creative capital. His company is based in New York and the company manages brand development and Venture investments. He is the Co-founder and the managing partner of Tony Burch LLC and was valued as a noteworthy billionaire in the year 2012 by Forbes magazine. He also had investments with Guggenheim Partners. He was brought up by a middle-class family in Wayne, Pennsylvania

Chris Burch graduated from Ithaca College in the year 1976 and later started Eagle’s Eye together with his brother Robert. They started with an investment of only $2,000. They started selling clothes and later decided to produce their own. They are currently doing very well and have really prospered. He has really come from far before deciding on his newest companies that have made him a billionaire. He is a real estate giant and has invested in so many United States towns.   For his latest innovative contribution to the market, check  He has established his own estates where he has hosted the best grills in Panama and so many other businesses.  For updates on his recent timeline activities, hit

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