Goettl Shows You How To Beat Down Your Cooling Bill This Summer

You know it’s coming, the air is getting warmer in the mornings, and you can feel the heat on your skin instead of the chill of the spring wind. Summer is almost here and with it the terrifying march of your energy bill climbing ever higher. Thankfully Goettl has ways to help you defeat the summer heat while keeping your energy bills reasonable. So take heed, and be free from painful bills this summer!

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Check Your Insulation – Proper weatherization is vital to the comfort of your home and keeping your energy bills under control. Have a professional come out and do an estimate of your home and determine whether you can benefit from fresh insulation. Many companies are blowing in insulation and that can happen both quickly and easily.

Energy Star Room Air Conditioners – Energy Star rated air conditioners can save an immense amount of money off your bill, up to $535 depending on the systems you’re using. Combine this with replacing your windows with Energy Star Windows and you’ll see your bill drop even lower.

Check Your Dryer Vents – Dryer vents can be an unexpected source of high cooling bills, if there’s a leak in your vent then you’ll have hot air being released into the air that your AC will have to offset. So check the dryer hose to ensure there’s no leak and it’s venting properly.

Goettl is the leading company in heating and cooling services throughout Arizona, and has been providing their services there since 1926 by Adam, John, and Bill Goettl., Over the next few decades the company came to hold well over 100 patents in related products. If you’re in need of service for your cooling systems then one quick call will have your problems solved, call the professionals that have been servicing Arizona for almost 100 years. Call Goettl.