Talkspace: New Is Good

When people hear about something new, they might not exactly be sure how to handle it and they might not be sure what to make of it. For Talkspace, it is an app that allows someone with mental health issues to talk to a therapist, as they have over 1,000 professionals. It is the talk of the mental health game and in many ways it is a game changer. It is what people out there have been yearning for in their lives. They have wanted and needed something like this for the longest time. They don’t have to wait a second longer. It is here and it is here to stay.

Talkspace offers video, text, or phone calls. With videos, they get a more interactive experience. It is always nice when they can see the person they are talking to and really get to know them, understand them, and find out what they are all about in their lives. They can put a face to the name. For those that suffer from social anxiety, it is not so easy to do that, which is why they prefer the phone call or the text. Talkspace has thought of every possible situation in this case, and they are prepared for it.

They don’t want their clients to go without anything or have to suffer, especially when it comes to mental health. It needs to be taken seriously and it needs to be respected. It is the only way that anyone is going to get any better and it is the only way people are going to live long and productive lives. Talkspace takes mental health seriously and many have said they take it more seriously than therapists that have their overpriced offices. Talkspace is in it to help people and not just fatten their pocket books.