The Three Best EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is one of the leading lip balm brands available in the market today. The lip balms are nothing like you have seen before. They are a result of extensive research by the three founders of the company, who realized that women wanted lip balms as something fun to put in their handbags, and not medical-looking. So, after thorough research and investing a whole lot of money in the business, the EOS orbs were born.

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The EOS lip balms were made to satisfy all the five senses. They were meant to feel good in the hands, to taste good, have a beautiful click sound when they close, and to have beautiful fragrances. They come in beautiful oval orbs, which have been endorsed by celebrities since they first came to the market. If you love hat EOS is all about, here are some flavors that I would suggest you try out.


Blackberry Nectar

This is my all-time favorite flavor. It comes in a beautiful shade of purple oval orb- this is one thing that I love about this brand by the way, the uniqueness of their packaging. But, what I love most about the Blackberry nectar is how it smells. Just like fresh blackberries- it leaves you wanting to inhale more and more, hit this site.


Passion Fruit

This is one of the most popular flavors by EOS. This tropical flavor comes in a light purple orb. Its beautiful color combined with the refreshing smoothness it adds on lips, makes it a winning flavor.


Medicated Tangerine

This is the only medicated flavor by EOS. It is best for extra dry lips. Its revitalizing abilities make it a must-have during those harsh winter months. It comes in an orange orb and can be found in most drug stores and


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