A Review of EOS’s Newest Lip Balm

EOS is the new juggernaut in the lip balm industry. Even if you don’t recognize the name, if you are a lip balm user, chances are you have used their products. All of EOS’s products come in a unique packaging that consists of an egg-shaped plastic container. EOS has been able to make their brand stand out from the competition by steering clear of traditional tube-shaped packaging.

EOS has a long list of flavors and sub-brands for the consumer to try out. Originally only providing lip balm to customers, EOS has since branched out to include other products such as lotions in its ever-expanding catalog.

One of their newest products is a cooling menthol blend that has been commissioned to simulate the flavor of chamomile tea.

The new flavor, which retails for 3 dollars, contains elements of real chamomile so it provides you with all of the medical benefits of normal chamomile tea (mapleholistics.com). The Chamomile balm is an antioxidant, it can work as a mild anti-inflammatory agent and of course provides users with the normal benefits of lip balm.

As well as chamomile, this flavor of EOS contains aloe, cocoa and shea butter, and vitamin E. Whether you are looking to switch to a superior lip balm product, are a long-time consumer of lip balms, or simply a fan of chamomile tea, if you haven’t tried EOS’s newest Chamomile flavor, you are missing out. Check Amazon.

EOS Goes Vegan, Gets Rave Reviews!

In consumer business today if you’re not going vegan you’ve missed a big segment of the market. EOS lip balms have now created a product that is fully vegan and completely animal safe. Former EOS aficionados who shifted their lifestyle to vegan products were unable to enjoy their favorite lip balm due to product contents including beeswax. Going vegan affects so many aspects of one’s life there is a community of vegans. Vegans often utilize social media to inform others about where to locate the best vegan products. Not only has EOS created a buzz in these markets, it often appeals to those who haven’t made the vegan commitment yet still want to make the easy choices to better the world through kindness to animals. EOS makes that choice easy with their vegan crystal flavors in the same EOS shape with the same broad availability that we’ve come to love.

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EOS first created a sensation in the beauty community with its unique packaging. The little egg shaped containers which we’ve all come to know and love are easy apply, easy to spot, and (perhaps best of all) to easily grab from the bottom of your purse.

Evolution of Smooth offers a wide range of lip gloss flavors plus hand or body lotion and shaving cream.  See allure.com.  Some of their best-selling lip gloss flavors include Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Mint, Sweet Mint, and Pomegranate.

The Epic EOS

Holy Lip Balm! Say good bye to the boring lip balm flavors that remind you of your grandmothers purse. I have possibly discovered the best and most delicious flavored lip balm out there, click here. EOS, Evolution of Smooth, lip balm is amazing! See also this related story here on blogwebpedia.com. Not only is it organic and extremely safe, but it works better than any lip balm I have owned. It also have become the lip balm brand with my favorite flavors. Here are my top favorite flavors! Amazing offer here on amazon.ca.


  1. Sweet Mint

The Sweet Mint is the first EOS lip balm I tried and it hooked me! It is minty, refreshing, but with a sweet, vanilla like twist. It almost reminds me of a mint ice cream. It was unlike any other lip balm or chap stick that I have ever tried. This is why I continued to purchase EOS and try all their different flavors.

  1. Summer Fruit

This one is exactly how it sounds! Super fruity and delicious, prefect for a little pick me up. It smells delicious and is a great summer flavor. The best part is that is avoids that super artificial taste that many lip balms have.

  1. Coconut Milk

Evolution of Smooth hit a home run with this one! This is a flavor in the line of their visibly soft lip balm. It is the sweetest and bet flavored lip balm I have ever tried. It is my go to flavor now.


This is just three of the many flavors that EOS offers. Try them all!


Berry Nice Lips

Do you want berry nice lips? EOS (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm has changed the shape of the general lip care stick into a fun shaped sphere that you won’t lose in your purse or your pocket. Now that you can locate your lip balm, wait until you try it. There are several EOS lip balm flavors, but for now, let’s uncover the berry nice flavors. Strawberry Sorbet, Pomegranate Raspberry, Blueberry Acai and last, but not least, Blackberry Nectar.

Strawberry Sorbet comes in a pink sphere container. Pomegranate Raspberry comes in a Red, Blueberry Acai in baby blue. These flavors of lip balm are in the EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm line. The Blackberry Nectar is in the Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere collection. All these berry flavors roll smoothly on your lips so get one now here on ebay.com.

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I am a fan of all the “berry blends” listed, but EOS has several other flavors to choose from, depending on what you like. The EOS lip balm is a moisturizer and makes your kissable lips soft. Each lip balm smells and tastes just as good as their “berry” name. The Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere, Blackberry Nectar, serves as a lip conditioner. With EOS lip balm, your lips will thank you for a product that incorporates natural oils and vitamins that keep your lips soft. Did I mention EOS lip balms are Gluten free products? EOS lip balms are like health care for your lips. Try them all, and if you need a place to start, I suggest starting with the “berry blends,” these EOS lip balms are Berry Nice.

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