EOS Crystal Lip Balm Flies of Shelves and the Reviews are Wonderful

EOS made the news of every beauty blogger recently after announcing a whole new line of products. The new EOS Crystal Lip Balms came out and have been flying off the shelves faster than the company can keep them in stock.

For the first time, EOS Crystal will be free of beeswax. This makes it especially appealing to vegans that can now delight in EOS Lip Balm for the first time. EOS has also upped its moisture game with the addition of essential oils including coconut oil, Aloe Vera Oil and Vitamin E. The addition of oils makes EOS Crystal especially appealing during the oil craze currently going on in the beauty world.

EOS is known for being highly selective in the lip balms it offers. Based on usmagazine.com, their market research teams do a huge amount of testing for their crafted flavors and they also work with customers to gain reviews before ever rolling out a product to the public. The company believes that if fans won’t absolutely flip for a new product or flavor, they simply won’t release it.

The Crystals come in just two flavors. The first is Vanilla Orchid and Peach Hibiscus. The Peach Hibiscus is just as bright and delicious as you would imagine, browse products here on allure.com. To me, it has the feel of sitting on the beach during a relaxing summer day. I can’t wait to pack it in my beach bag this summer! The second flavor, Vanilla Orchid, is deeply rich. The Vanilla and Orchid blend perfectly for a taste that is both luxurious and creamy.

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EOS changed the entire lip balm industry with its keen sphere-shaped lip balms. They were one of the first companies to use natural, organic ingredients. EOS also added some personalities with the bright spheres and luxury flavors during a time when lip balm choices were bleak at best, view this review now!