The Fun New Crystal Clear Flavors Of EOS Lip Balm

The round, cute eos lip balms have continued to evolve! Eos stands for evolution of smooth, and the latest evolution in their line of balms is designed to keep lips smooth and soft while still being fun to use. The new balm has a new shape and look, as well as fun new flavors.

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The outside case of the eos lip balms have always been sweet little spheres. The new packaging is slightly triangular, which resembles a jewel. This makes sense as the new line is called Crystal Lip Balms. When you open up the case, the usual round balm is nestled in the center as always, but this time it is completely translucent. The new, crystal clear balms come in two flavors currently: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Purchase your lip balm here on The soft hues of the colors match the soft, smooth quality of the flavors inside. The spherical shape of the balm makes it really easy to apply it to both lips at the same time with one swipe.

The Crystal Lip Balm formula is vegan, meaning that it contains absolutely no animal products. Instead, the eos team has come up with a recipe that includes 5 essential oils which hydrate the lips to keep them feeling soft and nurtured. The oils include coconut, shea, and even avocado oil. These ingredients give your lips moisture that does not feel greasy or waxy, but instead feels smooth and wonderful.

The founders of eos started the company by thinking about product design and how to create a lip balm that would hydrate and keep lips smooth but would also be packaged in a fun new way. They came up with the spheres that first hit stores around eight years ago, order here!

At first, no one knew what to think about these oddly shaped balms, but soon people realized how fun they were to use. The product caught on and the eos brand grew to become highly successful.

Check out EOS’ page for more cool updates.