EOS and their Vanilla Lip Balm

EOS has a wide range of flavors that are predicated on their commitment to quality and based on higher quality ingredients than competing brands like Chapstick and Blistex use. While the high quality of EOS is part of their attraction, as well as these unique orb like applicator cases that truly differentiate themselves on shelves as well as in their practicality for customers.

According to usmagazine.com, the ingredients that EOS uses are all-natural and mostly organic in composition and the company does not use artificial additives in their lip balm. This makes a big difference for the ultimate flavor of the lip balm as well as in the quality of the balm and the lip protection that it provides. For example, the coconut oil and shea butter used in EOS lip balm simply does a better job in protecting the lips than the industry standard petroleum jelly based alternative.

EOS also prides themselves on a wide range of flavors including a variety of vanilla based flavors. They have a straight forward vanilla bean lip balm that is sumptuous and provides a luscious layer of protection. For added complexity EOS also offers vanilla mint which combines the refreshing mint flavor with that of a more distinct and complex underlying flavor, browse products here.

Just recently in August 2017, EOS released their newest flavor, vanilla orchid which is a vegan offering in that it does not contain any beeswax and therefore is truly animal free. Vanilla orchid is the same high quality product that other EOS lip balms are with a great vanilla flavor and added vitamin e and nutrients that help to replenish your lips.

Any of the EOS vanilla flavored lip balms are a great option for lovers of this flavor. The lack of additives really show and the balm has a truly natural and interesting flavor.

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