Victoria Doramus Makes Her Mark In Marketing

Victoria Doramus has carved out an impressive resume that essentially puts her in a spotlight as a marketing expert. This young entrepreneur has been able to work in different areas in the marketing world and fashion seems to be where she has found her knack.

The work that Victoria Doramus has done is very important. A ton of people are going to be able to tap into her trend analysis research in order to reach more customers. The marketing trends are always very important when it comes to selling new clothes or cosmetics. Victoria is someone that managed to gain a lot of experience with Creative Artists Agency, Trendera and Mindshare. This is how she became connected with media and customer trending reports. That is all part of the background that she built as a marketing specialist. This would be the thing that would allow Doramus to venture into other areas of business, see more about this on her website

Her time in California has been valuable. She learned about marketing and product development in Los Angeles, and she also gained work experience in New York. Victoria would prove herself to be a very diverse individual that could handle a multitude of different things. This has allowed her to also use her degree in journalism to take on some writing projects. She would find herself writing articles and newsletters at Creative Artists Agency. She would also work as a ghostwriter as well.

The main focus for Victoria (@iamvictorialynn), however, would be her trend consulting expertise. This is what allowed her to transition from one job to another. She has this ability to engage in marketing projects and build concepts for things based on her experience in analyzing markets. This has made her a strong resource for any company that is trying to figure out what customers might buy. See Doramus’ career history on LinkedIn.

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EOS Creates Flavors That Make Lip Balm Enjoyable To Use

Not all brands and varieties of lip balm are enjoyable to use, but the products that EOS creates are enjoyable because of the great flavor options that the brand has available. EOS has created Summer Fruit lip balm for those who are looking for something fresh and fruity that they can use in the summertime or any other time of the year, shop here at This brand has put out Vanilla Bean lip balm for those who are looking for something simple but that still tastes good. This is a brand that knows what people want when it comes to lip balm flavors, and they work hard to make sure that they meet the needs of all of their consumers.

EOS is a brand that not only puts out lip balm flavors that are enjoyable to use, but it is a brand that uses packaging that is different from other brands out there and that allows that packaging to help with the whole process of putting lip balm on, as well. This is a brand that does their own thing when it comes to the way that they create their products. The EOS brand uses the best ingredients out there to create flavorful products that are loved by all who use them, click here.


The Latest EOS Craze

EOS recently announced the release of its newest range, the Crystal Lip Balms, to fans via its Instagram page. The lip balms, retailing for $5.49, are named for their crystal-clear color and come in either Vanilla Orchid or Hibiscus Peach, order these lip balms here on Loaded with essential oils, the lip balms promise to glide smoothly on your lips and to leave them soft and hydrated without any chance of stickiness due to the new vegan, wax-free formula. With a twist on the brand’s iconic spherical packaging, the Crystal Lip Balms take a more triangular shape which, in combination with their clear color, make them look more like crystals than something you should be coating your lips with.

EOS, or ‘Evolution of Smooth’, known for their natural lip and skin care products, has released highly popular lip balms, hand lotions, body lotions, and shave creams which are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and gluten-free. EOS products are sold world-wide by many major retailers, making them easily accessible to almost everyone.

Since the launch of its first product, the brand has only gained popularity. Its twist on the typical Chapstick-style lib balm tube and basic flavors made it fly off the shelves almost from day one. Prior to their first release, many were hesitant as to whether the company’s idea was unique enough to actually make them successful in an industry where there was already so much competition. But, low and behold, EOS quickly came out at the top of its game, quickly earning its name as a $250 million company. EOS has proven that as long as your idea is unique enough, you can be successful in a market people think already has too much competition.

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