Dr. Saad: A Surgeon Turned Inventor

Dr. Saad Saad is not just a pediatric surgeon, but he is also an inventor. What did he invent?

One of the things that he invented was a catheter that comes with an electromagnetic identification device. A catheter is basically a tube that is used during surgery to remove liquids, gases and other things that could get in the way when a surgeon is trying to operate inside a person’s body. Unfortunately, these tubes are left in a person’s body. An X-ray or MRI would have to be done to locate the misplaced catheter. Dr. Saad’s catheter is made up of material that is strongly magnetic and it also has a coil at the end of the catheter that is made of magnetic material as well. The device that comes with Dr. Saad’s catheter can be used to locate the missing catheter. The patient won’t have to deal with the radiation from an X-ray machine or lay down in an uncomfortable MRI machine. The surgeon can also immediately start the search for the misplaced tube and does not have to wait to employ other machines to find the catheter. Dr. Saad has invented a tube that should be useful for surgeons and patients.

The other medical device that Dr. Saad invented an endoscope that can do suction or irrigation without interfering in what the surgeon is seeing. An endoscope is a tube that has a camera at the end of it. A surgeon uses it to see the damaged areas of the body that he or she is going to repair during surgery. Dr. Saad’s endoscope does not just act as a camera but can do suction or irrigation, depending on what the surgeon wants. These two options make sure that camera’s view of the inside of the body is obscured. Sometimes, the camera’s lens could fog up or get dirty or anything else that could interfere with what is being seen through the camera. These options will make sure that the camera’s view is always clear. Dr. Saad has again invented a medical device that is very useful to surgeons.

Why did Dr. Saad invent these devices? Dr. Saad says that he invented these devices because of necessity. He saw that there was a need and he invented something to satiate that need. He saw that there must be easier way to a find a misplaced catheter so he invented a catheter that would be easier to locate inside a human. He saw that an endoscope’s view can be obscured so he invented an endoscope that will never be obscured. Dr. Saad definitely followed the old saying that necessity is the mother of invention.

Dr. Saad saw a need and invented devices to solve those needs. He should be commended for his inventions that have made it easier for surgeons and patients. Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2