“James Rivers Capital Outlook on Burnout “

James Rivers Capital is a financial institution that is located in America. It caters to citizens in the United States only. Some of the services that James Rivers Capital provides include advisory, commodity trading and investment advice. Paul Saunders is a Principal at James Rivers Capital.


Burnout can cause a lot of adverse effects in an institution one of them being failure. When the employees in the organization have burnout, their work productivity greatly reduces causing them to be ineffective at the workplace. According to Paul Saunders, their bright side is that employee burnout can be curbed if employers follow certain regulations. Employees are important to any organization because they accomplish tasks that ensure the vision of the company is attained.


Paul Saunders is sure that with the right procedures, an employer can curb burnout among the employees. Some of the ways that they can achieve this are:


  1. Maintaining transparency


Some organizations give promotions to workers without following the correct procedures and protocol. This construes negative feelings among other employees who feel turned down for the promotion. This eventually causes burnout as the worker does not have trust in the organization and therefore is negative about anything that pertains to it. In this case, employers need to ensure that employees are kept in the scope of everything that happens in the organization. Employees will have a positive attitude in the company and work effectively to ensure the goals are met.


  1. Maintain a flexible schedule


It is human nature to want to be in control of everything. When an organization take up all the control and create fixed schedules, they strip their employees the freedom of being in control. This loss of control can eventually lead to burnout because the workers are not as helpful as they want to be in the workplace. A good way to maintain the work productivity of the employees is to lessen the control of the staff members by creating a flexible work schedule. This way the employees can manage their time properly.


  1. Team building activities


Team building activities are essential in the workplace as they allow team members to work together and create better working relationships. It is also an effective way for the employees to let out any stress related to work and any negative feelings. When employees are facing burnout take them out for team building so that they can take up new hobbies that help them keep their mind off work. Their attitude will improve greatly and as well as their drive to work.




All the above tips can greatly help a company eliminate any burnout that may have been among the staff members. Learn more: http://jrccblog.net/