EOS roles out new Crystal Product Line

EOS, short for the Evolution of Smooth, has released a new product known as EOS crystal which reflects the clear see through case of their new lip balm. While EOS is still selling their lip balm in the unique orb like containers that help to differentiate their product from the other lip balms, the see-through nature of these new crystal applicator orbs puts the focus right where it should be; on the product, itself. Check out this amazing related website, frenchtribune.com.

For EOS that is a good thing. EOS has long prided itself on high quality products with elite ingredients such as all-natural and organic ingredients. EOS crystal is wax free and therefore appeals to vegans. In addition, EOS adds five different antioxidants to their lip balm which helps to protect and revitalize the lips of their customers. While their standard lip balms already contain antioxidants and great ingredients, they are clearly putting an emphasis on their quality ingredients and doubling down on their unique packaging. Shop till you drop here on ebay.com.

EOS is breaking out two new flavors as part of their role out of EOS crystal. Vanilla orchid is one of these flavors and hibiscus peach is the other. These two flavors enter into a strong rotation of flavors sold by EOS, and pure play options of existing flavors. EOS already sells a vanilla mint lip balm and a summer fruit option which has strong peach flavors included in it, but these two new flavors provide a crystal clear flavor for customers to try and enjoy, order your lip balm here.

EOS crystal lip balm will retail for just less than $5 and is a steal with the quality ingredients and unique product that EOS is selling. Stop by your local retailer and give EOS crystal a try or buy it directly from EOS on their website https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html. EOS crystal goes on sale in August 2017.