The Perfect Lip Balm for Pumpkin Spice Lovers

It is impossible to deny to the popularity of any and all things pumpkin spice. Every fall you find almost all restaurants and retailers embracing it! From coffee drinks, fragrance sprays, and even candles. If you consider yourself to be a pumpkin spice connoisseur, you are probably well aware that EOS sells pumpkin-spiced lip balm, available here on For those of you who are not, you will be happy to know that this year EOS is offering a “holiday lip balm duo” which includes pumpkin spice, as well as an organic vanilla bean flavor. These spherical balms sell for roughly six dollars and are only available for a limited time.

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If you are unfamiliar with EOS, which is an abbreviation for “Evolution of Smooth,” they specialize in a variety of lip balm, hand and body lotions, shaving cream, and limited edition bundles. Most famous are their lip balms which range from an organic lip balm, visibly soft, crystal, shimmer, active, and medicated variants. All of which come in a spherical outer casing. One of the most popular products is their peppermint limited edition balms that tend to sell out pretty fast, click here.

One of the pros to EOS is that all of their lip balms are packed with vitamin E and other antioxidants. They are all natural and dermatologist tested. For more information, you can visit their website at

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