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The OSI Industries headquartered in Aurora, Illinois began in 1909 as a family meat market. It has remained committed to its core mandate and dedicated to customer’s success ever since. Many of the world’s leading brands rely on OSI group as their main global food provider. OSI’s main products include meat patties, hot dogs, bacon, fish, pizza, vegetables and poultry products. OSI’s solutions deliver great value, quality and streamlined processes at an affordable cost.

Besides culinary innovations around the world, they also operate test kitchens in their four major plants and have trained R&D specialists at every stage of the production process. Innovation starts in the kitchen but it doesn’t stop there for OSI customers, they recognize that adding value across the supply chain is critical to their business. They also prioritize their processing, logistics and packaging systems.

The OSI Industries food processing engineers bring a truly global experience to business and customers around the world. Their food process engineers are linked to a system of manufacturing facilities and regional offices around the world. The team can share their experiences and a common goals to provide innovative solutions and to meet the needs of their customers. OSI Industries understands that the world we are living in is on the fast lane because they prioritize the competitive nature of business. Getting a new product quickly can be the difference between being a global leader and just one of the many businesses available.

OSI Industries has global product research and development that develops ideas into tangible products to deliver to their customers. They work with meat processors around the world to develop exactly what they have in mind.

OSI Industries has massive purchasing power to help their partners to acquire the latest technology at an affordable price. They use the most innovative solutions to cut the production costs without need to cut corners.

There are a lot of ways that OSI group has improved over the years. They are now an incredible and prominent force in the business.

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A Little History on OSI Group

OSI Group is a leading manufacturer of meat and poultry products. They are fed products to restaurants and grocers throughout the world. When OSI started its business, more than a century ago, they were only a small butcher shop. Today, OSI Group is part of the leading providers of food products in the world.

This all began with a handshake agreement Ray Kroc made with the sons of Otto Kolschowsky. The handshake agreement would be for OSI to provide Kroc’s new restaurant with the meat products it needed in order to provide its customer’s. The restaurant was becoming one of the world’s most recognizable names-McDonald’s.

OSI has received recognition on many environmental awards. They have got the 2016 California Green Business Award, the 2016 Globe of Honour, and the 2018 Environmental Recognition Award from the North American Meat Institute.

The company has gone through numerous name changes throughout its history. With the latest name being OSI Industries. When the sons of Kolschowsky were nearing retirement age, they brought in Sheldon Lavin. He is the current Chief Operating Officer of the company and has been since the mid-1970s. Under Lavin’s control, OSI has ventured into other avenues with accounts for Starbucks and Subway to name a few.

OSI Group has become a leading food supplier for restaurants since the 1950s when Kroc and the sons of Kolschowsky shook hands. Today, they are a leading provider of beef, poultry, and pork items. They make snacks for convenience stores.

Their biggest client is even McDonald’s. However, they have other convenience stores and restaurant clients now. When, they grew into a muli-national company is when they changed name from the OSI Industries to the OSI Group.

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Group. Under his leadership, the company has grown exponentially. The company has headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It also has satellite offices in China and Germany.

The company has sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries. They employ approximately twenty thousand people. The company began in 1909 and it was originally called Otto’s Meat Market. OSI began as a meat and butcher shop.

OSI Group Continues to Expand its European Presence

In 2016 OSI Group established its European Flagship to enlarge its reach into European markets and to establish a greater presence worldwide. This addition to the OSI Group’s portfolio has given its leadership a focused eye into the local tastes and trends and has allowed them to become a leading presence in the European food processing market.

Beginning with its acquisition of the Calder brand, OSI has strategically increased its European branding and recognition. The lately acquired Baho food has given OSI Group further reach into the food markets of the Netherlands and Germany, as well as adding the popular brands Geldeland Frish Waren, Vital Convenience, Henri Van de Bilt, Bakx Foods and Q Smartlife to the OSI Group family of products. It has been these types of actions that have allowed the leadership at OSI Group headquarters to gain further insight into European appetites.

OSI Group’s facility in Toledo, Spain has also seen recent investment. A high-capacity production line was added to their current operations and has doubled its output chicken processing while also increasing the workforce in OSI Spain’s facility.

During its European expansion, OSI group has been mindful of the impact of their operations and have actively focused on environmental sustainability and worked to mitigate any negative impacts its operations may cause. These actions have earned the OSI Group the Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council. An award that confirms the OSI Group’s dedication to creating a positive environmental impact, the OSI group had to obtain a five-star rating in the British Safety Council’s environmental management to even be considered for the award. This continued adherence to environmental sustainability is one of OSI Groups important goals and will continue to influence operations.

Through continued guidance from the European Flagship and OSI Group’s insistence upon quality, safe environmental practice and its continued responsiveness to local tastes, OSI Group will continue to be a strong competitor in the European foodservice market and an exciting company to watch as its growth continues globally.

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