Evolution of Smooth Changes the Way Lip Balm is Used

Evolution of Smooth, more commonly known as EOS, provides their customers with lip balm, as well as skin care products, that are all natural and can provide smooth and beautiful lips! These lip balms are delightfully flavored and they are completely packed with Vitamin-E, which provides antioxidants, shea butter that provides a soothing sensation to the lips and also jojoba oil. Even better, these lip balms are made to be hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive lips! Free from petrolatum and paraben, these dermatologist tested lip balms are safe for just about everyone! Hop over to frenchtribune.com for more exciting articles.

EOS lip balms come in many shapes and even flavors! Whether a smooth sphere is preferred or a smooth stick, there are many different types to choose from. Just the original organic selections, visibly soft, shimmer and even active protection can appeal to all. When unsure of which product will fit your lifestyle best, go with the multi-pack to try many different ones at once!

There are many different flavors to choose from in each category but some favorites from the original organic sphere are sweet mint and summer fruit. Sweet mint is perfect for during those cold months when you want a little extra warm tingling on your lips, but it also works great during the summer! Buy it here at ebay.com. Summer fruit can provide a nice, light, sweet flavor as well as smell during the warm weather of spring and summer. A favorite of many for an all season lip balm is in the visibly soft collection and is known as vanilla mint. The vanilla is a nice year round flavor and can provide a nice sweet flavor during all months of the year. The mint provides a tingle on your lips that warms them during the cold winter months but will also feel nice after a long day of being in the sun! Browse products here!

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