Rocketship Education Extending a Hand to the Low Income Class in the Community

Based in Redwood City, California, Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school network. It was started way back in 2007 by John Danner and Preston Smith. To acquire maximum student success, these schools integrate digital media and traditional classroom methods with adaptive software. There are 16 charter schools presently located in San Jose, Redwood City, Nashville, Milwaukee, and also in Washington D.C.

Rocketship Education, in partnership with the community organizations, parents and teachers strive to put up high standard public schools that enable the less privileged children and English language learners to get admissions to college. A study by The Center for Research on Education Outcomes shows that the poor students and the English language Learners are advantaged for they acquire additional learning in reading and Math for a month or more annually if they go to a charter school whose performance is excellent. Parents are actively involved in the construction of schools and can go visit the sites when they can. They are also welcomed to give interviews to teachers who are looking for positions in the schools. Managers of the schools also urge families to be part of the school. They offer them various services such as the internet to facilitate job applications and also take part in occasions held by the school.

Rocketship Education also builds relationships with huge personalities in their developments; an example is Andre Agassi, world’s number one tennis player who aided the establishment of Rocketship Rise Academy in Washington, D.C’s Woodland Terrace neighborhood in the southeast. Agassi was once at a low point in his career and that was when he thought of children who didn’t have favorable surroundings to even enable them to choose a good future.

The Rocketship Education is dedicated to its mission of offering good education and support to the children. The management and parents, together with all their staff, are always passionate in what they do, they believe in their hard work and are always hands-on when it comes to giving support to the children. They are contented when their efforts make a difference in a child’s life.

Rocketship Education a Public School Alternative

Rocketship Education was founded in 2007. Founders, John Danner and Preston Smith, created a network of charter schools that started in California and now has locations spread all around the country. A major focus of the program is working with low-income families. Their goal is to provide high quality elementary education for a cost that is affordable to everyone.

The Rocketship program incorporates adaptive software into their model for learning. This allows the students access to a more personalized education. This model allows the student to learn at their own pace using a system that is designed to fit their personal learning style. The students also receive traditional classroom learning and have access to tutors and mentors.

Teachers and educators benefit from working with Rocketship as well. The program offers support to its teachers through coaching and professional development. One of the objectives of this is to promote a long-term view of the teacher’s regarding their careers in education. The goal is to provide their staff with the training and tools to grow as teachers and beyond into roles of leadership.

Rocketship has twelve locations in the bay area of California. They have a total of 18 public charter school locations across the US. Over 85 percent of Rocketship students come from low-income families that would otherwise not have access to this type of education. Rocketship encourages the families of its students to become involved in the learning process. They hope to motivate parents toward becoming more active in their communities.

There is a known disparity in academic achievement among groups of people in the US that is often defined by factors such as socioeconomic status. This disparity is often referred to as the achievement gap. Rocketship Education was created as a method for narrowing that gap by educating and empowering students, teachers, and parents to transform their communities.