Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth Sees Bright Future for Company, Self.

Squaw Valley Ski has been making waves, or slopes, in the Reno – Tahoe Region for decades now and it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see the region reacting with enthusiasm. CEO Andy Wirth was recently appointed to the Reno – Tahoe Airport Authority Board where he will better be able to serve the region. For Wirth this was just the beginning of a very good year that saw his acclaimed resort hit another new height.

For years skiers have been dreaming of being able to ski at both Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley during the same session. Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are two adjacent peaks that can only be accessed by car. If you want to ski Alpine Meadows and THEN Squaw Valley you have to pack up, drive down and around the mountain, and ascend on the other side. The founder of Squaw Valley, his original vision, believed in creating a base to base gondola that would connect the two mountains thus giving skiers the chance for the ultimate ski trip. Well, now it can safely be said: the gondola is being built.

For years the gondola had been just a dream due to a failure in negotiations between Andy Wirth and the owner of the White Wolf property, Troy Caldwell. The White Wolf spreads in between the two mountains and serves as the perfect place for a gondola to be built. Caldwell and Wirth finally reached an agreement and now the gondola is going forward. The agreement basically pushed the gondola build to the western edges of Caldwell’s property. Once installation begins it will be full sails go as we trend toward one of the biggest ski resorts in the United States and, well, the rest of North America.

Andy Wirth has been known for far more than just his success as a businessman. It was only a few years ago that Wirth barely survived a potentially fatal skydiving incident. The incident tore Wirth’s arm off and nearly killed him after forcing the CEO to land amidst power lines. Instead, Wirth rebounded from numerous surgeries and came out stronger for it to lead his companies and get a new lease on life.