Jason Hope Is Passionate About The Science Of Anti-Aging

Jason Hope is a successful business person who has given back to his community in many different ways. He is considered a futurist as well as a philanthropist. Jason Hope is also a top-notch investor and entrepreneur. Jason runs his business out of Scottsdale, Arizona. He is heavily involved in the world of technology and remains on top of all the unique advances of the industry.

He graduated from Arizona State University and went on to earn a master’s in Business Administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason formed his own company which specialized in mobile communications. He has since become a successful investor in technical startups.

Jason is a serious philanthropist who puts his money behind his passion. He donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. The money was put towards the efforts to prevent artery-cell proteins from bonding. Administrators at the SENS Foundation give Jason Hope the recognition he deserved for helping speed up the process in order to combat the illnesses that attack elderly people. They also use the funding to move forward with biotechnology.

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Jason Hope is heavily invested in the process of anti-aging. He has funded a significant amount of research in this field. Jason also backs organizations that have conducted groundbreaking work in the field of human preservation. Jason studies the numerous diseases that impair people as they grow older. It is inevitable that diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer and high blood pressure will lead to a lower quality of life. Jason believes that prevention is the way to turn back the aging process as opposed to treating these ailments once they have been diagnosed.

The Internet of Things is a sophisticated concept that Jason Hope has preached in detail about. It is based on the theory that all tools of human comfort will act in concert with one another. Jason is invested in the technology. He states that there will be 770 billion dollars spent on the Internet of Things by 2018.

Why Jason Hope Believes in the SENS Foundation

The medical world is always undergoing serious change. Whether the change comes by way of technology or research breakthroughs, it is always coming. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and a futurist who has taken quite the shine to the SENS Foundation. Hope fundamentally believes in the future of age rejuvenation technology. In fact, using his skills as a futurist Hope has started to put his money where his mind is at. Hope recently announced that he donated a stunning $500,000 to the SENS Foundation in order to support the non-profit and their mission.

The SENS Foundation is a non-profit located out in California that is focused on studying biotechnologies and how they can lead to addressing age-relate diseases and health issues. Hope has always believed in this medicine and it turns out that he decided to get involved. Hope says, “I have had great interest in the SENS Foundation and Dr. Aubrey de Grey’s work for some time now.” Hope went on to list a variety of the different diseases that he thinks can be addressed by the SENS Foundation including Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. Hope’s donation would be revealed to the public in an announcement by CEO Mike Kope who leads the SENS Foundation.

Jason Hope is located out of Scottsdale, AZ and he has had a passion for both technology and philanthropy for his entire life. Hope graduated from Arizona State University and he has since been plying his craft as a futurist. Hope is never afraid to put his money where his passions are and that is what led him to working with SENS Foundation. Outside of his philanthropic endeavors, of which there are many, Hope is also focused on a specific brand of technology called the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things, often shortened to the acronym IoT, is defined as the way by which all of our devices network to the internet. This is commonly known by the public as smart technology. Don’t just think about your phone or your laptop. Consider smart watches, smart cars, and more. Right now Hope can easily admit that Internet of Things technology is relatively small. However, he soon believes that the Internet of Things will change the way that we live our lives — completely. Consider already how much of your life is spent related to the internet. As technology catches up we will see more and more IoT developments.

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Eric Pulier’s Approach Towards The Daily Life Of A Business Person

Eric Pulier is one of committed and engaged business visionaries in the busy tech market of Los Angeles over the last two decades or more. Pulier is, obviously, well understood for his involvement with the inventive XPrize Foundation even though that is a long way from his exclusive work in the business. Pulier is energetic about innovation, and he has been infatuated with PCs since his childhood.

To begin with, Eric Pulier concentrates on ensuring that he gets enough rest. He normally wakes up early and focuses on having introspective and quiet time before handling the day’s events. He makes out a point by point rundown of issues that should be solved including the topics to handle in his different organizations. Pulier realizes that keeping to a calendar is imperative, especially for business visionaries. He understands what needs to be done when handling different problems.

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After developing the love for PCs at an early age, Pulier commenced programming computers while at the fourth grade. The interest in technology put him at the forefront of the industry. Besides, he is an author and a leader where he applies technology in various fields n the market. For instance, Pulier has utilized technology as the way of assisting others using his skills and experience particularly those with health & mental issues.

In the 1990s, Eric Pulier worked with his accomplices Peter Samuelson, Norman Schwarzkopf Jr, and Steven Spielberg to establish the first private social-media platform. The platform was designed aiming to help kids suffering from chronic diseases around the globe. To date, Pulier has applied his technological aptitude and intelligence to assist others. A graduate of Harvard started various successful firms that have won prestigious awards. He has additionally operated with well-known politicians and stars via his profession.

In any case, his most noteworthy accomplishments are not identified with his awards, colleagues or great ventures but with the huge number of people he has helped via his leadership and philanthropic giving. He has served on various boards including the X-Prize Foundation which is a humanitarian association that provides support to competitions dealing with “solving humanities huge problems.” Another board that Pulier sits is that of “The Painted Turtle”, a non-profit organization that supports kids suffering from chronic illnesses.

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