Style Craze Review of EOS Lip Balms

Evolution of Smooth is grown to become the best-selling lip balm brand in today’s modern society. The company has been around since 2009, and it has steadily climbed the ranks. There are a number of high-quality brands that produce good products, but all brands are not created equal. Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS, comes from an organic-style base. Healing sore, chapped lips is the name of the game and no other lip balm brand does it better. This wax-like product has been around since the 1880s, and it has been heaven-sent to some degree.

Evolution of Smooth takes things to another level thanks to the brand’s wide range of attributes. The product’s sphere-case packaging is uniquely designed and will definitely capture your attention. When it comes to healing dehydrated lips, an abundance of moisture must be brought in. Evolution of Smooth uses plenty of beneficial ingredients to hydrate the lips, including aloe vera, jojoba oil, vitamin E, shea butter and a host of antioxidants. This brand does a great job of not only hydrating the lips, but rather sealing in the moisture. The competitors’ lip balms may provide hydration benefits, but the majority of them seem to struggle with retaining the moisture.

Evolution of Smooth provides an abundance of flavors

  • Pomegranate Raspberry: Natural extracts and crimson-colored
  • Summer Fruit: Intense moisturizing elements & fruity flavors
  • Blueberry Acai: Refreshing blueberry, fragrances & antioxidants
  • Sweet Mint: Natural extracts & essential oils
  • Vanilla Bean: White-colored & hydration extracts
  • And many more

As you can see, there are just too many nutritional benefits to list, but you should have a much better understanding of what this brand has to offer. Visit Style Craze for additional reading.