Academy of Art University: Projecting Into the Future

Fashion Week in New York is a well known and highly broadcasted event, which demonstrates the newest up-and-coming trends. Like any art form, putting together the event requires an immense amount of time and effort. This is no different for the students attending Academy of Art University.

On September 9, 2017, several students attending the university showcased the results of their hard work and determination. The fashion show put on by the school provided these students with the opportunity to get their work out there and potentially attract the attention of industry mentors and internships. Each individual artist displayed a remarkable variety in style and inspiration, allowing for their own voice to shine through.

Founded in 1962, the Academy of Art University offers a wide variety of majors. Located in San Fransisco, California, the school is regionally accredited. The primary goal of the school is to provide students with an excellent education in the arts. Each field of study offers students the opportunity to work with full-time and part-time staff members who are knowledgeable of the industries they’re teaching. These are only a few of the benefits of attending the Academy of Art University.

Under the instruction of the school’s current president the student body has grown from approximately 2,000 individuals to 18,000 over the period of a few years. This is truly a significant achievement! The school also offers students low income housing opportunities during their stay.

It has been reported that many of the students that graduate from Academy of Art University go on to work with companies like Apple, Nike, and Pixar. While these are only a few of the places of employment that students achieve, countless students have obtained and succeeded within the realms of an internship.

The Academy of Arts University is an excellent starting point for any individual looking to explore their options within many art fields. Recently on display has been the success demonstrated by students majoring in fashion. However, success of the student body is not limited to those in fashion.

Retrain Your Brain With Neurocore

Depression is one of the highest widespread mental illnesses in the United States, with an estimated 16 million adults suffering from the condition each year. Depression can start at any age, although it is more common to start when someone reaches adulthood and is suffered more by women than men. Untreated depression can wreak havoc on both the mind and body, casing issues like headaches, stomach problems, anxiety and shortness of breath.

A common misconception about depression is that it is always triggered by an event. While it most certainly can be, it has also been linked to genetics, with many depression patients having a family history of the illness. Another misconception is that there is a single kind of depression. There are several different types, Major Depressive Disorder – where the person has been suffering for more than two weeks, Persistent Depressive Disorder– where the person has had symptoms for over two years, Postpartum Depression – suffered after childbirth, Seasonal Affective Disorder – depression triggered by the lack of sunlight often round in the winter months.

Neurocore is dedicated to helping people live their best possible lives by working with patients to determine what the underlying issues for brain disorders and creating a personalized treatment program. Using state of the art qEEG technology, where sensors record brain activity, data is recorded and analyzed to determine the best plan of treatment. This data is used in combination with several other tests, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test (IVA), Behavioral Checklist to form a personalized care plan.

Neurocore helps a wide variety of issues, including depression, ADHD (including Adult ADHA), Anxiety, Autism, stress and sleep disorders. It’s been a long-held misconception that the brain can’t change. In recent years, however, that has been proven to be not true, the brain is not hard-wired and can be retrained to function better. By repetition, practice and positive reinforcement, the brain can be taught to function at a more normal rate to alleviate brain disorder symptoms.

A Genius of Finances – James Dondero’s Contribution to Dallas

Capital management is one of the hardest occupations to do right when you are just starting in the field. It can be a very tricky profession and being a financial advisor can, many times, lead you to unpleasant results and end up teaching strategies that are not the best financial plans for the time and client.


How, then, experts like James Dondero, became successful so fast in his career?


Today, James Dondero is the co-founder and President of the Highland Capital Management Enterprise, one of the most renowned companies that promote financial strategies and has some of the best national advisors in the field.


Born in Texas, Dondero founded his corporation in Dallas, Texas, and it quickly became part of the city as every enterprise and micro-company use the financial plans of Highland Capital Management’s advisors, as well as small investors who want to have a steady and secure climb.


Dallas is full of giant corporations, like AT&T and its enormous Whitacre Tower, where all the business decisions are made, and Exxon Mobil, currently holding the place as the second largest corporation in the United States.


Highland Capital Management has offered thousands of different financial strategies that have helped some of the greatest corporations in the nation grow and invest in the best businesses to increase their capital. James Dondero is directly responsible for the department that handles the investment strategies.


The genius of James Dondero can be noticed through his many awards throughout his career, like the MorningStar’s five-star review of James’ Business for Global Allocation and the same ranking brand’s first spot award given to his equity fund in the healthcare department, both in the year of 2014.


James Dondero, however, is not a genius of any sorts, although he does have a good grasp of a good strategy and how to earn money fast. All of the successes and failures of his career path were due to decisions, both right and wrong, and intense dedication on his part. James Dondero does something that not every entrepreneur has the courage to: He takes many, many risks; the difference is that he mitigates the chances of failure, like he did when he founded a corporation with his partner.


James Dondero was already quite successful before the foundation of Highland Capital Management, as he was the Chief Investment Officer of another company called Protective Life’s GIC.


During his position as the CIO of the enterprise, he was able to incredibly raise the company through the roof, making the subsidiary have a net worth of more than $2 billion in less than a decade. The strategies of James Dondero were something special.

Bruce Bent II: A Name of Excellence and Innovation in Financial World

Bruce Bent II is an exceptional entrepreneur with considerable expertise in financial products and solutions. He is a key driver of excellence and innovation in the financial world for few decades with popular products and disruptive solutions. His key areas of service include short-term asset management, qualified plan, retail markets, cash and cash-related solutions for dealers and brokers, and more. Bent II also has a strong focus on financial technologies as he believes that the innovation can expand the reach of the products and services. It should be noted that he holds more than 60 privately held patents, and this has significantly helped FDIC-Insured cash management programs to make a business over $1 trillion industry as of today.


Bruce Bent II is the President and Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation, a leading financial technology, and cash management firm. He is also a senior executive to the subsidiaries and affiliates of Double Rock including LIDs Capital LLC, Landing Rock Group LLC, Island Intellectual Property LLC, Intrasweep LLC, and Access Control Advantage Inc. With his extensive knowledge and deep industrial insights, Bent II has a greater understanding of people’s expectations on financial products and sets standard processes in the industry to advance in the customer deliverables. He is considered to be a pioneer in retirement services and cash management businesses. Bent II is a strong proponent of advantages of teamwork and tries to bring the smart people into his team. He even considers potential customers as his team members considering their contribution on the expectations.


Bruce Bent II, also founded B2 Consulting LLC, a financial services consulting firm which help the startups to expertise in various financial sectors. It supports and advises players in different industries in consumer financing, financial technology, healthcare, and digital currency. Bent is also the CEO and fund manager of The Reserve, a firm known for FDIC cash management and money market mutual fund. He is also a member of the peer business network called the Young Presidents’ Organization, which connects more than 10,000 young business leaders around the world. Bent II was also into the Entrepreneurs’ Organization based in Manhattan. He completed his B.S. in Philosophy from the Northeastern University.

NuoDB’s Technological Contributions

NuoDB has accumulated many accolades over the year. The most notable thus far have come in recent memory. In year 2013, NuoDb was able to acquire fourteen million dollars in capital venture funding. In 2015, the company was named one of Boston’s Business Journals “Innovation All Stars”. In 2016, NuoDB was noted as have acquiring over sixty million dollars in funding due to their lucrative technology.

NuoDb is a company based in Massachusetts that holds a patent on “elasticity scalable database”? What does this mean? The name simply refers to it’s definition as a elastic SQL database used to enhance the performance of cloud applications. Jim Starkey is credited for inventing the technology which is an extension of IBM computer scientist Edgar Codd’s twelve rules for relational cloud databases. The company at first operated under the name NimbusDB, but changed later on to improve marketing efforts. The patented technology of NuoDb is utilized by notable tech companies around the world such as Kodiak, Dassault Systemes, the UAE Exchange and Alfa Systems.

The SQL compliant database is often referred to as NewSQL. NuoDb’s technology allows servers to scale out efficiently as a faster and more reliable pace. The database uses peer to peer communication.

Honey Birdette – The Ultimate In Sensual Lingerie

Honey Birdette came into existence in the year 2006 when two friends were celebrating over a champagne class. Their main aim was to introduce some eroticism into the bedroom. They had designed some sensuous lingerie to sophisticated toys for the bedroom. Honey Birdette will provide you proper guidance about all the aspect that you require for the fun parlor.


Honey Birdette boutiques are highly sensual, playful with beautiful decor and champagne. There is a broad range of amusements to make you profoundly blissful. You have to develop the finest bedroom experience with our extensive range of special accessories.


We provide awesome massage candles, cuffs, crops, and collars. We have our Honey deliver the finest Honey Birdette experience to you. Our Honeys are there to provide entertainment to women.


Honey Birdette, the Australian lingerie brand has planned to open three stores by 2018.This brand was discovered by Eloise Mohaghan in the year 2006. The American site was started when a sale of 374 percent was experienced in just twelve months.


This new platform is built on enriching the experience of the customers. It facilitates quick delivery and simpler returns and also a great product range for the American client. It aims at the American market for retail. It wants to enhance its store count in the United Kingdom.


Honey Birdette launches its first store in Covent Garden in London. It opened two more stores in Westfield White City and Victoria Gate. The brand has exhibited that it has ten openings more in the UK and that includes are Leeds, Newcastle, and Liverpool. It targets at least forty stores. Honey Birdette in Australia has got fifty-five stores. It is also looking for some finest locations in Europe. The prices for the premium label begins at 35 pounds for briefs and 60 pounds for the bras.

Honety Birdette-Not Your Mother’s Lingerie Store

Honey Birdette is a high-end Australian brand that has just launched its US e-commerce site and has plans to expand its three UK stores into 40 by the end of 2018.

Eloise Monaghan came up with the brand in 2006 and decided to launch the site after experiencing a 374% increase from US online sales. She hopes the site will help to enhance the experience of the shopper with faster delivery, easier returns, and more product range. There is even free shipping available on orders over $50.

Honey Birdette is expected to expand its market into the US and is wanting to expand its UK store count. The first Honey Birdette store opened outside Australia last year in London’s Covent Garden, with two more stores in Leeds’ Victoria gate and a store in Westfield White City.

Honey Birdette is expected to expand its store count by 10 in the UK at Leeds, Westfield Stratford, Liverpool, and Newcastle, and has 40 additional stores in mind for the end of next year. In Australia, Honey Birdette has 55 store locations and is expected to expand into Europe.

Honey Birdette was born in 2006 when two friends were discussing how they were frustrated at not being able to find the lingerie and bedroom items that they desired. they just weren’t on the market. So, they decided to take matter s into their own hands and came up with Honey Birdette.

Honey Birdette is not your average lingerie store, but rather a sensual experience. When you walk into a Honey Birdette store, you will notice that it is decorated with lush accents and you can even get champagne as your browse their collections of tantalizing products for the bedroom. You will find everything you ever dreamed of from massage candles, to very exotic perfumes.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.

How Bruce Bent II Turned Around Double Rock Corporation and Lead It To Success

Money market funds are basically funds that invest in short debt securities, like US Treasury Bills. It’s basically as safe as banks, but there is a much higher yield. It also protects you from problems such as credit and market problems. There are hundreds of money market funds out there, and they have assets which are worth trillions of dollars.

According to Wikipedia, there are many types of funds that go into the money market fund category. There are prime money funds, which are funds that invest in variable rate debt. There are tax exempt money funds, which invest in state and local government obligations that are exempt from paying taxes. There are institutional money funds, which invest in high minimum investment and low expense share classes. Retail money funds are money market funds that are given to individual people.

So how did money market funds start? Bruce R. Bent is the one who started them in the 1970s. It was then named the Reserve Fund. The American Museum of Financial History, which is part of the Smithsonian Institution, recognized this event as an important one with a great impact on America’s economy. He was the one who started this thing as a regulated investment that has true rules and results. He served in the Marines and attended St. John’s University. He got his bachelor’s in economics from there. He worked at LF Rothschild and Company.

Bruce Bent II also founded B2 Consulting LLC. He is currently the CEO and chairman of Double Rock Corporation. This company provides solutions to people and companies in the banking markets and other financial sectors. Under his leadership, its assets rose to over one hundred and thirty million dollars. In fact, it’s the world’s largest cash management company that is held by a private person, and he is the reason for its success. Before he came in, it was declining and revenues were down, and he turned it around into a growing and powerful company that keeps on upping its profits month after month. He studied in Northeastern University. He has many years of experience in the financial sector.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.

Robert Santiago’s International Manaira Shopping Center Which Has Installations For Fun, Leisure And Comfort

Robert Santiago is the owner of the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa, Manaira. The shopping center offers various leisure opportunities, comfort, fun and shopping ventures to its customers. The mall changes the perception of its clients by demonstrating that the North Eastern city has more to offer than private beaches, rich cuisines, and beautiful sunsets. Robert Santiago selects the best developers and business partners to build and launch his shopping centers such as the Mangabeira and Manaira shopping malls.

Currently, the Manaira shopping mall has approximately 750 new job vacancies and is expected to have an additional 2500 new jobs shortly. Robert’s work has received a ton of praises from the community and is a much-needed economy booster in Brazil. The Manaira currently has a range of leisure, tranquility and comfort activities to offer tourists. Other fun activities at the mall include the ballroom, bowling alleys, movie theaters and electronic amusement parks.

Manaira has a space that caters to a family’s needs, known as the Gourmet Space. The house entails the provision of snacks such as hamburgers, steaks, and drinks. In addition to the snacks, Gourmet Space has a fully operational food court which serves the clients with all their needs.

The Robert Santiago Manaira shopping center in Brazil has a highlighted cinema experience with 11 rooms which have full equipment considerations with modern high-tech installations. They also have VIP rooms, 3D rooms, and the idea of Stadium System, a bar with drinking services, gourmet popcorns and other snacks to cater to all types of audiences. Still, in the concept of providing leisure, Manaira has an electronic amusement park famously known as the Game Station. Game station covers 1800 square meters and has over 200 machines which are available for games and ballroom activities which are all fully electronic. Manaira has a house full of gyms, shows and university campuses. The inclusion of these activities allows an individual to engage in more than one activity at the mall. Robert’s main reason for the inclusion of all these activities is to forge a close and trustworthy relationship with all of his customers from Paraiba and the whole of Brazil.

Makeup Guru Finds Her Ideas Copied By Someone Else

Makeup today is now more varied than ever before. What was once a simple matter of using certain colors is now often a matter of choosing between thousands of shades. One person who has fully embraced this new mode is makeup guru Doe Deere. Deere knows modern color and loves. She is not alone. As a recent copying attempt proved, she is also part of a movement to help use such colors in new and entirely innovative ways. When she put out an image of a doll that looked like her on the net, she was quickly copied. Artist Richard Price, himself very much into color, grabbed the image she had placed online, manipulated it and created a print from the image. He then sold the print at a major art fair in New York City, much to the shock and surprise of many observers in the art world.

Using Vivid Colors

Deere is someone who understands the power of the image herself. A lifelong lover of makeup, she has been able to take her own passion for the subject of makeup and turn it into a highly respected business. Her own makeup company is called Lime Crime. At Lime Crime, Deere shows how it possible to take makeup and use in to have looks that are full of wonderful beauty and utter originality. She knows that the secret to creating such looks often being daring and willing to try new things. This is what she helps show off on her own site. Her site is filled with imagery that is all about using makeup in unexpected ways and helping people show off all kinds of new colors. Those who follow her on social media such as Instagram are often delighted at her ability to help make standard makeup techniques and plain color stand out.

Happy To Lead

It is her ability to lead people down an entirely new path that has been much of the source of her own personal success. She knows that it is possible to examine contemporary trends in makeup at the time and help come away with all kinds of ideas. She knows that contemporary fashion trends often become contemporary makeup and art trends, thus allowing for a total and complete fashionable look.

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