Securus Technologies Keeping Prisons Safer

My job as a corrections officer is one of the hardest in the country, and each year it seems like things are getting more violent behind these walls. My team of officers is always working hard to keep drugs from getting into the hands of the inmates because that only makes things worse for all inside. If a normally docile inmate is now on heroin, we need a half-dozen officers to get him to cooperate before he causes anyone harm.


In order to slow down the flow of drugs in our jail, what we do is step up the presence of officers in the visitor center. We know this is the one place in our jail where inmates and visitors are in close contact, so they can easily get things to one another without us seeing. We do searches and scans several times to ensure nothing gets into the jail. Our team will even do inmate cell inspections at random times to locate anything that could have gotten by.


One resource we use that has yielded some of the biggest busts in our facility is the inmate call monitoring system. This system was installed by Securus Technologies, and it allows us to listen to all the inmate calls more easily and pick out key conversations pertaining to things like drugs or weapons. The CEO of Securus Technologies says his 1,000 employees are dedicating their efforts to making the world a safer place for all to live.


Once the LBS software starts monitoring those calls, it would pick up on things like how the drugs get into the jail, who is smuggling drugs to the prison, and where everything is getting hidden once it is inside the walls of this facility. Now we can attack quickly before the drugs can be used or distributed.


Securus Technologies Helping to Prevent Crime

Securus Technologies is A Dallas Texas-based company that has been in the communications industry for over a decade. Today, the company is one of the largest providers of communications Products and services to the law enforcement industry. The company is best known for their video visitation platform. This platform provides a secure way for an inmate to have a face to face conversation with a loved one or friend. The use of this has allowed correctional facilities to have to deal with a lower number of in person visits. This has helped to make the facilities safer and more efficient.


While the video visitation platform has provided numerous advantages and amenities to all people involved, there have been additional benefits received that were not previously expected. Securus Technologies requires that all people making a call, or receiving a call, accept a recording requirement. The company then offers a monitoring service in which they will listen to calls or search for calls discussing key words. In the event that a suspicious call is heard, they will forward the recording of the call to the local authorities.


To this day, clients that have used the video visitation service and recording and monitoring service have stopped countless crimes from occurring. These calls have also been valuable pieces of information and ongoing criminal trials. This has helped to make the facilities much safer places to live and work.


I Share Securus With Family

I consistently share Securus with family due to the incarceration of my uncle and cousin. There were mixed up in something they are not proud of, and we must support them until their release. I found Securus while searching for ways to get the family to call the prison. I was unaware of how prison calling worked, and this article explains how I came to use Securus weekly.

#1: What Is Securus Calling?

Securus is an agency founded to help families call prisons. Prisons do not have open phone lines, and I must use a service to reach someone inside the facility. Our family uses Securus as our chosen calling system, and we are quite happy with the call quality. I downloaded their app on my tablet, and I am now the calling maven of the family.

#2: Are Video Calls Possible?

I never would have imagined placing a video call to a prison in my life. We place videos calls with Securus every week with the family at my grandmother’s house, and we all fit on the screen on my tablet. We place a separate call to both my uncle and cousin, and we chat with them for the allotted time before the call must be hung up. I would recommend using the video call feature when you cannot physically travel to the prison.

#3: How Did I Sign Up For Service?

I signed up for service online, and I saw a direct link to the app download. I sent the app to my tablet while I completed my registration, and I offered a small amount of information before the process was complete. I felt comfortable while registering, and I never felt as thought Securus asked for too much. Securus put me at ease at the same time it put me in touch with family.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

How Does Securus Make Our Calls Easier?

I had no idea how I was going to work with my cousin to talk to her in jail when she went a couple states over. The drive just did not seem possible, but and I was not sure if I could do anything other than regular phone calls. The best part of Securus is that I found them and made calls with them the same day. They make it easy for people to make calls to their loved ones, and the app has all the technology built in. You just make the call, and you get a video signal that is easy to see.
I discovered this app from PR Newswire and there are many reasons why I love Securus, but the most important part is that it is secure. I know that they have an A+ rating from BBB, and I can make my calls pretty easily, and I know that it will be much easier for us to place the calls that need to be made through this program than using a regular phone. Securus keeps everything secure, and Securus makes it very easy for us all to make calls to the jail when it is needed.

I really like using Securus because it is so easy, and I have told a lot of people to use it just because it makes so much sense. I am very happy with the way it work something that is so simple, and I am impressed with the technology, and Securus has made it very easy for people like me to place video calls.

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