Sean Penn’s New Novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Creates A World That Reflects United States of Now

All across the country, there are lies. There are deceit, craziness, madness and full-blown deception. There are politicians who fake their way into politics, and there are honest people downtrodden and beset by depression too much to continue their virtue. Many of these social problems get ignored, but in the case of Sean Penn, he harnesses all these elements to create his new novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

What You May Want To Know About The Book Before Reading

Sean Penn understands the power of the arts to move people to action. He is a man who has used his platform in highlighting issues that go unnoticed. He’s also the actor who went out of his way to extend his help to various organizations, even risking his life to reach his aims. In his latest work Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, he lays out all his observations as a man who works both as an artist and a man who cares in relief efforts all over the world.

In the interview from Vogue, we learn that the inspiration behind the book could be hard to pinpoint, but it’s enough to say that without the kind of work that Sean Penn had done before, it would probably be hard for him to get the kind of material that he seducing created and churned out in his debut novel. There’s a lot to be said about the book, and how it’s got so many influences going through it, but Sean Penn said in the interview that the entire business of all these attributions could not have interested him less. He wanted people to read the book and let them the judge for themselves. He didn’t want to link his work with anyone out there, even if readers like Sarah Silverman attribute his style to Thomas Pynchon or Charles Bukowski.



The Splash



It is also said in a Rolling Stone feature about this debut novel of Sean Penn that he’s made an impact for the world to take notice in the freedom of his words. He’s able to make sure that he can ignite the conversation and let the message come across. The book also has the ambition to say everything that Sean Penn could perhaps not say in his movies, and the world that he has created in his debut novel is something that’s not that easy to replicate by others.



The book is also being described by Sean Penn himself as a snapshot of what the country looks like now, and how it is essential for writers to put this in a perspective that’s both fun and meaningful to do. Sean Penn understands this more than anyone else and is now enjoying the limelight of the success even without meaning to.