Makeup Guru Finds Her Ideas Copied By Someone Else

Makeup today is now more varied than ever before. What was once a simple matter of using certain colors is now often a matter of choosing between thousands of shades. One person who has fully embraced this new mode is makeup guru Doe Deere. Deere knows modern color and loves. She is not alone. As a recent copying attempt proved, she is also part of a movement to help use such colors in new and entirely innovative ways. When she put out an image of a doll that looked like her on the net, she was quickly copied. Artist Richard Price, himself very much into color, grabbed the image she had placed online, manipulated it and created a print from the image. He then sold the print at a major art fair in New York City, much to the shock and surprise of many observers in the art world.

Using Vivid Colors

Deere is someone who understands the power of the image herself. A lifelong lover of makeup, she has been able to take her own passion for the subject of makeup and turn it into a highly respected business. Her own makeup company is called Lime Crime. At Lime Crime, Deere shows how it possible to take makeup and use in to have looks that are full of wonderful beauty and utter originality. She knows that the secret to creating such looks often being daring and willing to try new things. This is what she helps show off on her own site. Her site is filled with imagery that is all about using makeup in unexpected ways and helping people show off all kinds of new colors. Those who follow her on social media such as Instagram are often delighted at her ability to help make standard makeup techniques and plain color stand out.

Happy To Lead

It is her ability to lead people down an entirely new path that has been much of the source of her own personal success. She knows that it is possible to examine contemporary trends in makeup at the time and help come away with all kinds of ideas. She knows that contemporary fashion trends often become contemporary makeup and art trends, thus allowing for a total and complete fashionable look.

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Trust White Shark Media to Help AdWords Happen

What company has sent over 300,000 emails, delivered more than 35,000 reports and secured over $35 million over the course of the last year? White Shark Media!

One way that they keep customers engaged is helping them to assess Google AdWords readiness.  Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

For those interested in getting more of the traffic they want to their web pages, White Shark Media makes the information about that process easy to access and understand.

One of the best things about all of this is, White Shark Media provides the information free of charge.

Here are a few points to consider about the White Shark Media process:

Anybody can use the White Shark Media AdWords evaluation tools, specially trained staff, and resources, regardless of prior campaigns or even if AdWords is a brand new adventure.

AdWords certified White Shark Media staff will use to evaluate any website.

If the certified staff member reports that there is work to be done to ready the site for AdWords, exactly what those steps are will be clear so that a successful AdWords campaign happens.

Starting a White Shark Media Review AdWords evaluation is a click or phone call away: visit or call 305-728-4828 for details, to pose questions or gain insights about just how learning about and launching AdWords can be a reality rather than a dream.

In addition to AdWords evaluations, White Shark Media provides search engine optimization and search engine marketing, which, like AdWords, helps get the most value possible from any website.

Though White Shark Media is only a few years old, it has grown exponentially over the past few years, and now boasts assisting their customers in getting over 1 million dollars in sales; quite an impressive accomplishment. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

Does all of this sound too good to be true? A company that is dedicated to giving information to consumers that they can use to make their web presence the very best it can be – free of charge?

Not at all; White Shark Media has learned to make sure that substantive communication and attention to detail are part of each and every customer experience each and every time.

How Brian Bonair is Enhancing the Future of Culinary Art through Bellamy’s

Bellamy’s is offering grand cuisine that is prepared to mimic leading hotels across the world, and this is the idea Brian Bonar wants to execute. His mission is to offer unique techniques that can revolutionize culinary arts and help people appreciate rare treats at his restaurant Bellamy’s.

The restaurant has been ranked best in San Diego and offers unique cuisine, which is inspired by different cultures and the need to explore new horizons in the culinary world.


Bellamy’s catering is ideal for any type of event. The restaurant offers impeccable service and the cuisine is top-notch and suited for even top of the range meetings and events featuring prominent persons. It offers an environment where one can create a memorable event with the various customization preferences you are allowed. The dining experience is tailored to meet the specific needs of guests as there are award-winning recipes and specialties prepared by master chefs. Read more: Imaging Technologies CEO Brian Bonar Interviewed on and Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

The restaurant also caters for events like bridal showers, baby showers and bachelor parties. There is also space for corporate meetings and birthdays hosting more than 20 people. You can also organize cocktail parties in their specially designed areas for partying and such events.

All the amenities necessary for events are in place and the staff is friendly and welcoming. This is arguably the best spot in San Diego and many people will prefer a second treat after the first visit.

Learn more about Brian Bonar:–inc./salary/470203

Bellamy’s is gaining reputation as a food innovation bastion as it offers a rare experience. The menu is brainchild of French Chef Patrick Ponsaty and the food is nothing short of incredible. The catering team is confident and informed on culinary trends and they are attentive to the needs of your guests when you hold dinners and luncheons at the restaurant.

The team

With years of experience and extensive training, Chef Patrick Ponsaty is a key element in the management of Bellamy’s. He brings along 31 years of experience in the industry and knowledge that has been key in enhancing the image of the restaurant.

Derry Van Nortwick is also a professional chef working with Bellamy’s whose passion for hospitality began at teenage. His passion for the restaurant industry and fine wine places him at a strategic position at Bellamys’s and he has been an important contributor by ensuring impeccable service delivery.

About Brian Bonair

Brian Bonair is a Scottish Entrepreneur with a massive experience in the business world. He owns several businesses among them the Bellamy’s restaurants.

How Does Securus Make Our Calls Easier?

I had no idea how I was going to work with my cousin to talk to her in jail when she went a couple states over. The drive just did not seem possible, but and I was not sure if I could do anything other than regular phone calls. The best part of Securus is that I found them and made calls with them the same day. They make it easy for people to make calls to their loved ones, and the app has all the technology built in. You just make the call, and you get a video signal that is easy to see.
I discovered this app from PR Newswire and there are many reasons why I love Securus, but the most important part is that it is secure. I know that they have an A+ rating from BBB, and I can make my calls pretty easily, and I know that it will be much easier for us to place the calls that need to be made through this program than using a regular phone. Securus keeps everything secure, and Securus makes it very easy for us all to make calls to the jail when it is needed.

I really like using Securus because it is so easy, and I have told a lot of people to use it just because it makes so much sense. I am very happy with the way it work something that is so simple, and I am impressed with the technology, and Securus has made it very easy for people like me to place video calls.

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Medicare Advantage Plans are a great option

Health care is an incredibly important service. Everyone needs quality physicians to check on their health and ensure that they are in great shape. Until recently it was very difficult for many people to get the health care they need. The Affordable Care Act has opened up several pathways for those that do not have the health insurance they need. The act has also changed life for those on Medicare according to InnovaCare’s Chief Executive Officer, Rick Shinto.

Medicare has helped the elderly receive the health care they need since it was implemented. Medicare Advantage Plans now offer a new option for those on Medicare. These private insurance options can offer Medicare beneficiaries better options.

Medicare Advantage Plans of InnovaCare Health come in several different forms. HMOs, PPOs, and PFFs services. Each system offers several advantages. HMOs offer all the benefits that Medicare already provides, but they also offer some additional benefits like vision and hearing. HMOs utilize a large network of hospitals. PPOs work by developing a system of preferred providers. If you receive your care from doctors within the system, then you will have low co-pays. Out of network doctors can cost more, but there are major efficiencies gained from the PPO system according to Penelope Kokkinides, the company’s Chief Administrative Officer. There are a few Private Fee-For-Service insurance companies on the market. These PFFS plans include networks as well, but they could cover more than a traditional network. Most insurance advisors recommend that you look carefully at each possible plan before you purchase a Medicare Advantage Plan. Read more about Penelope Kokkinides on

There are several rules that govern all Medicare Advantage Plans that you must know before subscribing to any plan. Every Advantage plan will include a limit on your out-of-pocket expenses. These can vary based on each type of plan, so you must get this information.

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You may wonder if you are eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan. Eligibility is determined by several factors. You must have Medicare Parts A and B. You must also live in the service area for the plan you want. Finally, you cannot have End-Stage Renal Disease. When purchasing a plan, you must make sure that you are getting drug coverage as well.

Medicare Advantage Plans og InnovaCare Health are a great option for elderly people that want something different. Sometimes these plans offer better coverage than you would normally receive. Look into each plan carefully if you are curious about Medicare Advantage.

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Don’t sweat summer. JustFab it

Summer’s hot – but you can remain cool. And JustFab, the online monthly subscription fashion retailer, is a great place to start. You can fill your closet with the latest looks from dresses to shoes, all at prices that won’t hurt your wallet. And what girl doesn’t love a good deal?

I’m loving a lot of the stuff in their summer shop. They’ve got great dresses that can take you from the work day to date night or happy hour with friends. One of my faves is this little off-the-shoulder peasant dress. Who doesn’t feel sexy in a little off the shoulder number? Or if you prefer jumpsuits and rompers (my personal faves), they didn’t leave you out. A simple denim romper that you can dress up or keep casual. What do you think?

If you’re like me, when I see an outfit I like in a magazine or commercial (or in the display window at the store), I want to buy it exactly how I see it. That means include the shoes and any other accessories. And with JustFab you can do that. They’ve got the shoes and the handbags too (they even sell jewelry).

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Ask An Expert: The Wordy Girl’s Upcoming Summer Fashion Trends In South Florida

JustFab Summer Shop

I’ll tell you: their shoe game is pretty nice. The gladiator sandals (another personal fave), the strappy sandals or the platform sandals – I don’t know how to choose between them all. And maybe that’s just it – you don’t choose – you just buy them all! They’ve also got wedge sneakers (because they’re just the coolest).

So now that we’ve gotten the important (fashion) stuff out of the way, we should probably talk about how this subscription thing works. When you become a member, you fill out a fashion profile. That profile leads to the creation of your own personalized boutique (a different one each month). Shop the month or skip it by the 5th (if you don’t see anything you like or it’s not in your budget).  You get all those perks for $39.95 a month (plus exclusive member pricing and free shipping). And the beauty is you can cancel at any time.

So what are you waiting for? Summer is just a few days away. Get online now and your looks will be at your door just in the nick of time.

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Using The Services Of Get Your Wiki


Luckily, it is very easy to have a Wikipedia page for your business. It is possible to design a Wikipedia page yourself, but there also are services that you can utilize. One excellent service for designing Wikipedia pages is Get Your Wiki. The services of Get Your Wiki are very easily available, and they are also affordable. The writers from Get Your Wiki are also very skilled and experienced at creating Wikipedia pages. Get Your Wiki’s Wikipedia revision experts can work on a very wide range of different types of pages. They even can get your Wikipedia page written in different languages, other than English. Wikipedia pages also have benefits for non-business purposes, such as promotion of an individual for a campaign. It is also possible to do Wikipedia pages on products that your business offers.

Wikipedia is not a site that is meant for advertising purposes. Instead, it is intended as a source of neutral information about a subject. However, if the information in your Wikipedia edits is generally positive, it can be a tremendous promotional tool. The information on Wikipedia pages are also accessible to anyone, and this makes it possible for anyone to read it. Wikipedia pages can easily be viewed by thousands or even millions of people. However, to get the most marketing power when you make a business Wikipedia page, you have to make sure you have a well designed page. Unless you are very skilled with writing, it is best to utilize professional writers for this part of the process.

Get Your Wiki offers professional Wikipedia consultants, and it is very easy to get quotes from them. To get quotes from skilled Get Your Wiki editors, you simply need to punch in your name, the content you request, and a functioning email address to contact you with. Get Your Wiki brings you the quotes very quickly, within under 24 hours. There are a large amount of writers at Get Your Wiki that you can select from, and they are all very knowledgeable on what makes a good Wikipedia page. The writers also keep track of your page, and this prevents anyone from making negative changes to it. It also is free to get the quotes, which is a benefit of using Get Your Wiki, as opposed to a number of other Wikipedia writing services.

Wen by Chaz Gets Review by Hair Stylist

When it comes to hair care products there is no one better to provide a review than a hair stylist. This is why people put a whole lot of stock into what Emily McClure has stated in her Bustle article in which she tries out the WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz.
There has been a lot of talk about the way that Wen has been able to produce a high quality product line that is geared towards customers that want shiny and bouncy hair. The majority of people that have been using Wen are well aware of the celebrities that use this product. They may be more interested, however, in the testimonials on QVC of the working class, and Emily McClure fits the bill.

McClure has been able to provide some insight about how the product works from one day to the next. This is what customers look for. They want to have a better indication of what a product is like over a period of time. Wen hair is one of those types of products that seems to work best when people continue to use it on a regular basis. It is an all-in-one type of product so it may be more expensive upfront, but people find themselves saving more in the long run.

McClure has stated that she felt that her hair was clean and shiny as early as the first day of using this Wen hair product. This is a hair care product that has many different combinations of ingredients so people can buy on Amazon what works best for them. Some women are interested in untangling thick hair. Others just want products that will cleanse their hair. Wen offers something for everyone because this product essentially helps women eliminate a lot of frizzy hair episodes. It is the ideal hair care product.

Buy it online from


JustFab Prepares You for Everything

Ariana Grande once said, “The best fashion advice I’d say would be just to do what makes you comfortable and what makes you feel cute, and that’s how you’re gonna look your best ’cause when you feel your best, everybody else can feel it, too.” She could not be more correct with this statement on, due to the fact that you exude what you attract. If you radiate positivity as a result of your killer style that is custom to you, a better lifestyle will ensue. Certain retailers ensure that comfort is combined with style, and offer plenty of choices for people with all tastes and preferences.

JustFab is a fashion retailer and etailer that brings women customized, updated fashion that is perfect for them each day. Professional stylists work around the clock to fill the online boutique of women who enjoy punk, hip hop, flirty, girly, and more styles. Do not prefer to be labeled? Fear not: JustFab will fill your online closet with absolutely everything. Across the globe, women enjoy strutting their stuff as they move in comfort punctuated with a stylish edge.

Read more: JustFab Summer Shop

To sweeten the deal of being a member of JustFab is the page adorned with suggested outfits that will make even the most finicky of women bat their eyelashes in admiration for the bold patterns, mixed textures, and generally killer style. Oh, and do not worry; JustFab has plenty of shoes and accessories to complete any outfit. Who would have thought that a perfect outfit could get more, well, perfect?

To finalize, being comfortable in your own skin is crucial, and companies that base their business off of that idea totally rule. JustFab cares about their customers, and that radiates from their amazing prints to their flawless materials. Getting ready for every season or occasion has never been so easy! See:

Make the Internet Work for You

There is no denying that our reliance on the internet has increased exponentially over the last ten years. We conduct business, correspond with family and friends, post pictures, and share our thoughts on a million different subjects. Nearly every move and every word are documented somewhere in cyberspace, and our entire online history is readily available to anyone who can use a search engine.


You must also consider what others are saying about you. Any negative feedback, any complaints or slander that is attached to your name will significantly impact your online reputation and ultimately influence how other’s perceive you. Whether you’re applying for a job or leasing an apartment, you can bet that somewhere someone is typing your name into a search engine to find out more about you.


So what can you do about it?


There are a few ways to protect your online reputation, the most obvious being careful consideration of what you share and post when on the internet. That is something you can control.


But for everything else you will want to consider using Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM). Simply put, SERM operates on the same principles as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While the goal of using SEO is to increase traffic to your website by ranking you higher in search results, SERM does the opposite and pushes older and outdated content further into the pile. Companies like use tools like SERM to clean bad business reviews and negative articles so that when somebody searches for you, more current (and hopefully positive) results are at the top of the list.


It is so important to monitor your internet reputation regularly. Make it a habit to Google yourself or your company at least once a month to stay current on what is being said and shared. If you do come across damaging publicity or slander, can help redirect search results and reduce negative visibility.