JD.com Preps to Share Innovation at Las Vegas Electronics Event

JD.com is a online retailer founded by CEO Richard Liu Qiangdong. The e-commerce company is a billion dollar business that sells a huge variety of wares. It size and success are not its only story though as Jingdong is also a huge proponent of the latest and greatest in technology. So far JD.com has pioneered commercial drone delivery, blockchain software, augmented reality, and robotics. In fact, the company has prepared for this occasion by opening up two new smart stations in China. These stations control the path of driverless delivery robots who make local deliveries within a 5 kilometer radius.

The automatons are programmed to obey the rules of the road, stop at red lights, and avoid obstacles. Working in tandem with human delivery service each smart station can deliver up to 2000 parcels per day. The delivery robots use facial recognition to properly identify the consumers who purchased the parcels. The system has proven to be very effective overall.

Delivery robots are just the tip of the iceberg for JD.com. The internet retailer also pioneered commercial drone tech, blockchain software, and augmented reality. Jingdong will have a booth where customers can try out their software, and will also showcase their hardware. The main goal is to demonstrate how effective such tech is for commercial use. These demonstrations will be of both concepts and real-life applications. As JD.com actually offers its infrastructure to rising business, the booth could bring a lot of needed exposure.

About JD.com

JD.com went online in 2004. The virtual e-commerce shop initially sold optics and computer parts. Since then it has become billion dollar business expanding through Aisa and Europe. The company was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong in 1998. Qiangdong currently serves as CEO and has made JD.com a trend setter in the world of advancing technology.

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