Ted Bauman Offers Tips to Avoid Overpaying in the Emergency Room

Ted Bauman is a financial professional who gives advice about investing, and he also writes about ways to avoid excessive expenses in his articles written for Banyan Hill. In one of his latest articles he mentioned how hospital visits and emergency rooms could hurt your wallet a lot if you don’t know how to get through the situations leading to ER visits. Simply having medical insurance isn’t enough as Bauman notes because there are many situations that could arise in which you get charged tens of thousands of dollars more than what your insurance provider will pay for. He suggested following a plan to minimize the likelihood of going into debt over ER visits.

Ted Bauman said first you should lookup local hospitals and their service price listings because they are required by law to list those. Plus, if you find the most affordable hospital and it’s in your health insurance provider network, you can make a note that you need to be taken there that you can keep in your wallet to show the paramedics, or you can notify your family, neighbors or other friends. Bauman also recommended looking into urgent care clinics for injuries or illnesses if they’re not as serious, because these clinics can be far less costly than the ER. He is ultimately hoping to see laws changed so that healthcare costs become more standardized in the US.

Ted Bauman has traveled all around the world throughout his life, and he’s learned many ways you can keep your wealth safe and save money through different means. He moved from the US to South Africa while he was still young, and he would get his bachelor’s degree there at the University of Cape Town. His professional career began by serving in various consulting roles, and he helped start several low-cost housing developments and programs working with the South African government’s housing authority. Ted Bauman was actually a founding member if the Slum Dwellers International organization that grew out of South Africa and into many other countries in Asia and Latin America.

After several years of doing consulting work and traveling the world, Ted Bauman returned to the US. He was on the executive board at Habitat for Humanity for a short time, and then retired and now writes newsletters most of the time. Bauman’s main newsletter is “The Bauman Letter” which he shares tips that he’s found few others know about to protect assets and personal privacy. He’s also the author of Alpha Stock Alert, a newsletter that recommends profitable but safe investments for hard working people.

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